Children’s Role in Curbing Black-Marketing

In this article we are discussing about Children’s Role in Curbing Black-Marketing & how black-marketing effect on economy? and How children can help our nation curving social evils such as Black marketing, child labour, criminalization in politics & cast system?
Children’s Role in Curbing Black-Marketing
Children are the future property, prosperity and worth of nation. They can make or mar a nation and can help in running or throwing of a government to crush under their feet. In reality children are the great social reformers, inventors, producers and fore runners in all the different fields. It a nation has a strong base, it can never see it’s befall and retrogression. They can change the destiny of nation and can uproot which vitiate the life the life and blood and a nation.
At present our country is under a grip of selfishness, criminalization, and so many other evils. These things can birth to so many ailments and sufferings. A survey conducted by the times of India, revealed that criminalization and other social abuses like black-marketing, tortures, hoardings and shortage of articles etc. are due to drop-out of the students during their school periods. Often they fall a victim to one or the other evil. Here we need a system that can up-bring and promote her future wealth into worthy citizen our country.
Our education system needs a major change so as the children should have inculcation of nationalistic high moral values. There is an acute dearth of moral values and our future is moving fast towards hell. If a high authority or responsible persons who’s responsibility to makeover the nation, has been indulge in high handiness and immoral practices, definitely a nation would devastate in no time and in reality India is threading her way towards this destruction.
Here none can deny the significance of children to curb the social evils like dowry system, black-marketing, criminalization in politics, child labour, and narrow-mindedness and cast system from the minds of all. These evils are prospering beyond limits in India. Today we can find most of the politicians as the victim of scams, scandals and rape. Politician help the criminals and support them from being arrested or caught by having contacts with the high ups.
Our future worth can educate the people, to uproot the evils of black-marketing (illegal trafficking) and such evils that play with the lives of other citizens to earn their selfish motives. They can inculcate in them the harmful effects and disadvantages of the facts which weaken and vitiate the nation. Black-marketing is a great curse on all of us because the traders stock the commodities and create the artificial shortage and later sell them at a higher profit through underhand methods.


The students can trace these hoarders and help the government in getting them arrested. Adulterators and black-marketers have no stay and say in the society as these are the source of despise by all. They can use slogans and placards to awaken the general public and the mass media can be utilized by them to enlighten the public against the black-marketers. Protest, processions, Children’s Role in Curbing Black-Marketing and corner enlightenment can help them to a large extent in curbing the black-marketing and other social evils.

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