Essay on Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 & More!

Get every detail about COVID-19, we have covered what is Coronavirus Pandemic? How dangerous it is? It’s symptoms, treatment & country-specific Updates.

The coronavirus spread came from China’s Wuhan state; it was first confirmed in December 2019. As time goes by, the situation becomes worse due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 Essay

Sources revealed that COVID-19 has spread from China’s animal market of Wuhan State, and its spread has affected millions of people worldwide.

According to the report, this Coronavirus hit 180 countries, almost every country in the world affected by the COVID-19.

A recent report shows that Coronavirus has killed more than 679K people worldwide so far.

At present, as of August 1, 2020, approximately 17.6M confirmed cases out of which 10.3M patients already recovered from COVID-19.

Here we have covered all questions related to Coronavirus such as how long does the Coronavirus live? What is the incubation period for Coronavirus & much more coming in the below section?

Countries are blaming China for lately informing the World Health Organization WHO about a new virus, corona Covid19.

They reported the W.H.O. on January 1, 2020. We will break down Coronavirus cases in table form, countries-wise confirmed instances, death, and recovery of a patient (LIST UPDATED till August 2, 2020).


Confirmed CasesRecoveredDeaths
Updated till 3 August 2020


CountryConfirmed CasesRecoveredDeaths
United States4.75M2.31M157K
South Africa511K347K8,366
Updated till 3 August 2020


StateConfirmed CasesRecoveredDeaths
Tamil Nadu252K191K4,034
Andhra Pradesh159K82,8861,474

How does the Coronavirus spread?

Let us dig into the detail about the cause of Coronavirus spread, and then we will provide you with how you can protect yourself from this pandemic & a lot more.

  • The main reason for Coronavirus spreads rapidly by sneezing, and it will directly affect the people nearby.
  • Easily spread by infected patients spit on the surface, and close contact with people who have symptoms, close verbal communication, touching mouth, face, and nose without cleaning.
  • It can spread by person to person from small droplets from mouth and nose from corona infected person.
  • It is assumed that the virus can live on the surface, non-living things for a long time.

A corona-infected person can infect thousands of others. That’s why every country in this world suffers.

According to medical experts, Coronavirus can remain active in the human body for 14 days without showing any symptoms.

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When did the Corona virus’s first attack on China?

China reported the first death of a 61-year-old man on January 11, carrying goods from Wuhan’s cattle market. The reason for death was a heart attack.

And second death was recorded on January 16, since then the death rate continues to rise for some time. According to their report, the situation is under control.

Later the disease spread like wildfire; Coronavirus hit every state of the world.

The news highlighted when a U.S. citizen died in Wuhan city on On February 8. According to China, by February 10, 108 people had been killed in China, and the death toll increases day by day.

Due to the severity of the disease, the World Health Organization declared the virus as a corona epidemic On March 11, 2020.

If we talked about world geography, the United States recorded the most number of confirmed cases, approximately 4.71M, 2.3M patients recovered, and 157K patients died of COVID-19.

Brazil comes second on the list 2.71M, India recorded 1.75M confirmed cases, Russia, South Africa & others.

The number of Corona patients in Italy is 248K, out of which 200K patients recovered, and 35,146 death cases were reported on August 2, 2020. Several countries were hit by this pandemic, this disaster killed millions of people worldwide.

As China was recovering from the Coronavirus and they were trying to lead a normal life, suddenly news came in they have got 108 new coronavirus cases were re-recorded. On April 11, 510 people died in Spain.

How dangerous is Coronavirus?

The most common question asked by the people was, How dangerous is COVID-19, or should I be worried about Coronavirus?

Different opinion has come from health/nutrition experts. It is more dangerous for people to have low immunity like older people and children.

The corona patient is being kept in a separate room in the hospital so that it does not spread. Doctors and nurses are serving patients day and night, and we salute them wholeheartedly.

Doctors and nurses have also been infected with this deadly virus. The only effective remedy is to boot the immunity level.

If the patient has mild symptoms, they can be cured in 2 weeks. Antibiotics may be used in some cases, but they cannot stop the coronavirus spread.

If the symptoms are severe, i.e., high fever and difficulty breathing, the patient needs a ventilator. Such a patient may take up to 6 weeks to recover.

No vaccine has yet been made for covid19; fluids & medications are given to treat the Coronavirus so that the patient doesn’t get dehydration.

Chloroquine is a drug used in treating malaria patients. Every precautionary measure is taken to fight the Coronavirus.

What are the signs and Symptoms of Coronavirus?

Now we have to understand the symptoms of Coronavirus and later in the section below how you can save yourself & your family from this disease.

Mild Symptoms

The widespread symptoms are as follow:

  • High fever
  • Sore throat,
  • Dry cough,

Severe Symptoms

Difficulty in breathing: It weakens respiratory parts, i.e., lungs, making it difficult for the patient to breathe. Also, affect other parts of the body that lead to the death of a person.

  • chest pain
  • Loss of speech & body movement

If any of you found these symptoms, it advised you to rush for medical help. Don’t wait for too long; ask for health experts.

As of now, we have learned how these diseases spread and the symptoms related to them. Now we are going to share tips to avoid COVID-19.

How to prevent Coronavirus?

Different ways to avoid Coronavirus include precautionary measures.

We have breakdown the steps and start implementing them from now on. Also, tell your friends, family members, relatives, and share these tips on social media. It’s our joint effort to fight against Coronavirus.

  • You should wash our hands frequently atleast for 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitizer wherever you go (it’s essential)
  • Cover your mouth and nose with mask especially in public areas (Wash mask after use)
  • When sneezing, cover your mouth with the elbow or tissue paper or handkerchief and put them into trash.
  • Maintaining Social distancing.

These are the strict guidelines by every state government, and you must adhere to avoid corona pandemic.

For public awareness, the government educated people through commercial advertisements and digital media.

Some rules that everybody should follow, if a person traveled from one country to another country or within the state, they have to have home quarantine for two weeks.

Also, maintain social distancing, wearing a mask covering mouth and nose when contacting another person. These are the only way to be in a safer zone, and this is the need of the hour.

Another significant step taken by the government is a lockdown, coming out from home when extremely important.

In India, lockdown started on March 22, 2020, and now there is a bit of relaxation in lockdown. It’s up to the state government, who decides to implement lockdown rules.

Because of the lockdown period, we have controlled the spread of Coronavirus to some extent.

What is the treatment for Coronavirus?

Scientists & Doctors from all over the world have started searching for a corona vaccine to deal with the Coronavirus.

Many companies claim to have done various clinical research stages, but no substantial breakthrough has come up that effectively deals with this pandemic.

The research is still ongoing; anytime soon, the vaccine will come out that would be a significant relief for people.

Till now, we have seen the lockdown situation in every country. Still, in some countries, the positive cases are drastically increasing as the testing progresses.

In India, we heard it from news channels; the figures are steep increases. In some parts of the state, where containment zone is declared to have strict guidelines.

In some areas where the situation becomes worse, Section 144 has been imposed.

During the lockdown, only essential food items shops are open, and the rest are closed, such as Shops, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels have all been closed.

Due to the severity, I.T. companies allow their employees to work from home.

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Final Word on Coronavirus COVID-19

Government alone can’t do anything, and it’s our collective effort to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

We must follow all the guidelines set up by the government. We must take care of ourselves and our families, especially children and older adults.

Make a habit of wearing masks when going out in public, contacting the third person, washing hands for 20 seconds, etc.

Hope for the best, and things will go normal, get back on track as usual. We have to do our bit to eradicate COVID-19.

Below we have summarized some points to note down and tell other people as well.

How to prevent Coronavirus?

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Important related terms are what are the symptoms of Coronavirus? And How is Coronavirus transmitted? How long does the Coronavirus live? what is the treatment for Coronavirus? & coronavirus latest news India & more.

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