How to Write a Short Fire Accident Essay?

Often students asked to narrate ” A Fire Accident”, Describe What you saw and what you did? Here we have covered this topic through Fire accident essay, important points are included below. Wrapped in about 300+ words based on the following headwords.

Fire Accident Essay
  • Time and Place (Introduction)
  • Scene
  • How the fire was controlled?
  • Conclusion


Some time ago, when I was returning from school. It was about 4 P.M. My books were in my hands. At that time I saw the shop of my neighbour, Raja Ram, on fire. The was near the clock tower.


Many people were standing there, they were trying to control the fire. Some of them throwing sand and water into the fire. The flames were rising high.

So the fire was causing great havoc, fire is spreading rapidly, people nearby were also affected. Despite the high flames, some boy scouts were trying to take out the goods, unburned items as much as possible.

The owner of the house was crying for help and relief. There was great chaos among the people.

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How the fire was controlled?

Some policeman came there for help. They did their best to control the rush of the people. But the crowd became uncontrollable.

Nobody knew what to do? When situation out of control then somebody from the mob called the Fire-brigade. So the policeman requested the city magistrate to send the fire controlled team on the spot. The team arrived within 10 minutes.

The brave-fireman did their best to put out the fire. After a continuous effort for almost an hour with the fire. Finally, it could be brought under control. The whole shop was reduced to ashes.


Due to the heroic deeds of the firemen, the fire was put out. There was no human casualty. But the owner suffered a heavy loss of ten lakh rupees.

After investigation, the cause of the fire was careless of a servant. He left a burning candle-stick inside the shop.

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