Domestic Servant Essay: Do you like your servant?

Do you like your servant? If so, Why? Write a domestic servant essay (or domestic help) in about 400+ words. The following outlines I have used.

  • Introduction
  • Habits
  • Work
  • Qualities
  • Defects
  • Conclusion
Domestic Servant Essay


The name of my servant is Ganga Dutt. We call him Gangu. He has been with us for the last 4 years, we treat him as a family member. He is twenty-four year old.


He has some very good habits. He is an early riser. After leaving his bed he bathes. Then he worships Hanumanji. This he does regularly. But his prayer doesn’t affect his work.

He completed his daily task without fail. He remains clean, he daily washes his clothes. He doesn’t like to remain dirty. He wears very simple clothes they are always neat and tidy. The good thing about him is, in his free time he loves reading books, focus on his study he wants to be a graduate. We also support him when needed.


He works hard from morning till night. He is an expert in his work, he is good at cooking. He washes our clothes. He helps my mother in her household work. In the evening he goes to the market to buy vegetables, fruits, oil, sugar species and other necessary things.


He is quite good in his duties, I must say he is a sincere servant. He is also a willing worker. He does his work carefully. We have full faith in him. He hates cheating others and he never tells a lie. He has a good quality of reading holy books daily. He utilizes more time in his study because we have provided him with a servant quarter. He is faithful and loves us very much. His behaviour is very gentle. He never loses his temper. He lives like a member of our family. He is satisfied with his pay.

Defects/Bad habits

Nobody is perfect in this world, like other people he has some negative or bad qualities such as smoking “bidi”, he is addicted now. At the age of ten, he started smoking. He likes to play cards very much. Except for these two bad habits, he is all good.


I like my servant very much on account of his good qualities. My brother and other family members like him. Little Guddie prefers his company very much. In the opinion of our neighbours, we are lucky to have such a good servant.

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