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A very important topic we are discussing here, we have highlighted the important point through Essay on Illiteracy in India.

Why it becomes a major concern when we talk about the new Digital India? Its effects, and how it can directly connect to poverty level & more.

For a better understanding, the importance of being literate, when you scroll down you will see famous Illiteracy Quotes by influential personalities. It will help student and their parent to know the importance of education in our society.

Essay on Illiteracy in India 400 Words

Here we talk about the problem of illiteracy in India and the role of student communities thereon. Have you ever realized most of the Indian are the victims of debt, dirt, unplanned family, flood and famines?

It is because of the fact that we are illiterates. We must know that out of every 20 people in the world, three are Indians. Out of three, two are illiterates.

The literacy rate improved to some extent but we do not have encouraging results even after the span of more than 60 years of independence.

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Today one can find 65% illiterate women in Indian villages. It is a matter of great same for all of us. In ancient times India was famous for its wisdom and learning. Even foreigners visited India to seek learning.

We all know that without education, no nation can progress and prosper. India is the largest democracy in the world. We have the right of voting.

So how an illiterate man can send forth capable men of good caliber in the parliament? Illiteracy impaired our social setup.

Many evils like child marriage, dowry system, ill-planned families, shadow inhabitants which in turn spoil their lives. Illiteracy is a curse on all of us as it is a stumbling stone in our progress.

Let us avail the chances to make everybody literate. We should think it our pious duty to train the uneducated by sparing some time for them.

Our motto should be, ‘Each one, Teach one’ during the morning and evening hours, we can teach the illiterates.
The school students being the treasured wealth of the nation can organize classes during their holidays and at available intervals.

We must not forget that literacy promotes self-respect and it is further strengthens the democratic process.
So let the students do their best to make every illiterate know 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic would be the basis of education), so they can lead a better life.

Illiteracy Quotes 10 Lines

Essay on Illiteracy Quotes 10 Lines

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