Essay on Journey by Boat (Short Description "A Journey By Boat")

Essay on Journey by Boat

Short essay on my journey by boat, in about 290 words, I have described my boat journey it on the following headwords.

•    Introduction (Time & place)
•    Scene at the Ghats
•    How did I enjoy the trip?
•    Conclusion

Last year I went to Varanasi (a beautiful city in Uttar Pradesh) with my friends. We all enjoy the day by taking a pleasure trip in a boat. So we enjoyed two hours roaming in boat. Our boat was new and was painted brightly.

Scene at the Ghats
There were three rowers. They began to sing. We looked towards the Ghats. We saw many people bathing and praying the sun was shining brightly. The water of the Ganges was clear. At top the temples were shining like gold. The whole atmosphere was bright and gay. Within an hour we reached the opposite bank of the river.

How we enjoyed?
Then we took rest for some time, my friend Raju had a camera with him. We capture various beautiful scenes. My friend Ramesh has large collection of old songs; we sat there and listen to songs. We all are hungry, and decided to have some refreshment, we took tea, biscuits and samosas with us.

We continued our journey; the boat was moving sometimes this way or the other. Some women’s were filling their pots with the holy water of Ganges. They were singing their folk songs. Some Sadhus were worshiping at the Ghats, some were reading the Ramayana. Some were standing in the water.


We were very happy. My friends like the programme very much. The day passed in joy. We paid 300 rupees to boat owner. Then we returned home with sweet memories.
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