Complaint Letter to Police (SP) about Noise Pollution

The following letter is to be sent to the superintendent of police in regard to noise pollution in your area. An example complaint letter to the Superintendent of Police about noise pollution in your area is provided below.

How To Write a Complaint Letter To Police About Noise Pollution?

noise pollution complaint letter

A letter of complaint to the superintendent of police about the Noise pollution in your area or locality, here I have mentioned the area Pragati Vihar as an example, you can use your locality where you find disturbance and want to complain.

Pragati Vihar Hostel
New Delhi, 5th January 2019

The Superintendent of Police
Eastern Zone, Shahdara, New Delhi

                                Sub: Complaint about Noise Pollution in Pragati Vihar
Dear Sir,

I regret to inform you that the indiscriminate use of loudspeakers around the clock has made our lives very miserable. Not a single day passes; one can’t escape from the noisy atmosphere. The blaring of loudspeakers at time of religious ceremonies, birthday parties, or wedding celebrations adds to the noise in the area. People use the loudspeakers at a high pitch which harms our ears and other sensitive parts of our body.

The vehicular pollution also disturbs the health and hygiene of the residents. The patients are unable to take rest. The worst suffers are the students who cannot devote their attention to their studies.

You are, therefore, requested to take remedial steps in this regard at least instructing them to have their use at a very low pitch. This will help all in providing relief to our lives.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully
S.K Sharma


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