Essay on My City Agra for Class 5, 10 and 12 students

Essay on My City, My City Essay for Class 10, Essay on My City for Class 5, Essay on My City Agra

Short essay on my city Agra, it will be helpful for class 5, class 10 and 12th class students. Here we describe some important points, in about 350 words based on the following the headwords.
  1. Introduction (Its site and geography)
  2. Climate
  3. Population
  4. Market-place
  5. Buildings – Factories, Schools, hospitals etc.)
  6. Conclusion (Why I like it?)
Introduction: The name of my city is Agra. It stands on the bank of Yamuna River. It is not far from Delhi, Aligarh, Mathura and Bharatpur.

Climate: The climate of the city is not good. It becomes very hot in the summer. In the rainy season, mosquitos are major problem. The winter is chilly. So the climate is an average here in Agra, not quite conducive for health.

Population: The city is big. The population here is increasing day by day. Its population is around 15.9 lakhs according to the 2011 survey. People of every cast, creed and religion live here. But the Hindus are in majority.

Markets: It is business centre. Sadar Bazaar is the popular shopping spots, and other market places are Kinari Bazar, Subhash Bazaar, Raja Ki Mandi, Shahganj Bazaar, TDI Mall and many more. Many big publishing houses and bookseller are on the hospital road. Dayal Bagh is one of the posh colony. Johri Bazaar and Raja Ki Mandi are very crowded.

Buildings: The famous Taj Mahal stands here (Seven Wonders of the World). It was built by king Shah Jahan. Jama Masjid is also a very grand building. The great Moghul Akbar’s famous fort is a fine building. Besides these, Mankameshwar temple is a place worth seeing.

Factories: There are many first-rate shoe factories. There are also some carpet factories. In Dayal Bagh colony, there are some factories.

School and Hospitals: It is an Education hub. It has a university and degree colleges. There many inter colleges and schools, and medical college. It is attached with Sarojini Naidu hospital. In Dayal Bagh, there is an engineering college, and some reputed hospitals also.

Conclusion: I love my city Agra very much. People come here from every part of the world to see the Taj, Agra is also known as a city of Taj.
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