Essay on My Town: My Hometown Essay for Class 3, 4, 5 – 12th

Short essay on my town for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12th, in about 400 words based on the following the headwords:

Essay on My Town

Essay on My Hometown 400 words

  1. Introduction (Name and situation)
  2. Climate
  3. The main occupation of the people.
  4. Centre of trade
  5. School and Colleges
  6. Modern facilities
  7. Conclusion (Like it or not)


The name of my town is Noida. It is located near Delhi. The city Noida is a high-tech city of Delhi NCR. Noida is the part of Uttar Pradesh State. It is hardly a few kilometres from Delhi.


The climate of my town, it’s too hot in summer and in winter its chilling cold for few days only. There is sufficient water in the rainy season, so there is no shortage of water in any season.

The main occupation of the people

All types of people live here. Some are IT professionals, Software engineers, businessman, some are farmers, shopkeepers and many are working as labourers. The main occupation of people in the business.

Centre of Trade

The town is the centre of trade. It is famous as an industrial town. There are many big MNC’s (Multi-National Companies), large scale factories and several other small factories.

Schools and Colleges

There are various schools and some of them are of international standards. The name of my school is DPS Noida. It is located near sector-27.

There are many Engineering Colleges in my town and Degree colleges. They are known for discipline, bright results and other activities.

Modern Facilities

All modern facilities are available here. The transport here is quite is good, the metro connectivity makes people travelling safe and smooth.

There is public transport run on CNG’s, private buses, Autos, Battery rickshaws and many more. Municipal parks are here in almost every locality of sectors in Noida.

Several big and small events are happening very frequently, Noida Stadium sector-21 is a popular choice for events, functions, and exhibitions.

People come in the park to enjoy the greenery, morning and evening time is excellent for exercise and jogging. It is a must for everyone to keep healthy and fit.

There are playgrounds, matches and games are played there. The market is electrified. Atta Market and GIP Mall are the most popular here in Noida.

There are some good stores, for purchasing anything. There are some good publishers also.


I love my town very much. There is greenery and the environment is cool enough. It is well developed and well-equipped modern facilities. I wish for its progress and prosperity.  

Essay on My Town – Allahabad | My Town Essay

My Town Essay

Once I lived in the town which is famous for one reason, it has been the home of the first three Prime Ministers of India.

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was brought up in Allahabad, Sri Lal Bhadur Shastri had a house at Allahabad and Smt Indira Gandhi was born here. Anand Bhawan, donated to the nation by the third Prime Minister, is now a place of historical importance.

Allahabad is situated near the Sangam, the place where the two rivers, The Ganga and the Yamuna, meet. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims come to Allahabad just to have a dip in the Sangam.

It is a calm and quiet city because there are not many industries around. Naini, a suburb of Allahabad, however, is now developing fast industrially.

There are a big Agricultural institute, the Indian Telephone industries and the factories of Universal tyres. A Glass factory is there.

Allahabad proper has the Jeep Flash Light factories which make batteries. There are few spots in Allahabad which have scenic beauty.

These, and the old but majestic stone buildings of the High Court and the offices of the various departments, and other attractions for visitors.

Allahabad is famous as a seat of learning. The main office of the Board High school and intermediate education is situated in Allahabad.

The headquarters of the education department of Uttar Pradesh is located in Allahabad. The University of Allahabad is one of the famous and old universities known for the scholars it has produced.

The markets of Allahabad are not as big as those in metros like Delhi, Kolkatta, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. Yet the Civil Lines market offers some attractions for outsiders.

They way-side stalls, the picture houses, the fountain in the heart of Civil Lines, and above all the famous Hanuman Temple are places visitors want to see.

Allahabad is associated with many historical stories. The very name Allahabad “The Abode of God” shows this. Whether God really lived here or not, great men certainly have.

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