Essay on Luxury You Can’t Afford to Miss

Our exclusive Essay on Luxury from Dreams to Reality uncovers the secrets of a lavish lifestyle, high-end fashion, an elite lifestyle & more, you can make your own perception of luxury. Here, we discuss whether Is Luxury evil or not? What it really means by the word Luxury Lifestyle?

Essay on Luxury You Can't Afford to Miss!

Essay on Luxury: Uncover the Secrets

It is quite difficult to define luxury yet no two persons can agree on the exact connotation of the word ‘Luxury’.

Some give it moral meaning and some moralists may call my necktie and my coat a luxury, but I regard them as necessities of life. On the other hand, if I am surrounded by numerous articles of comfort and make them necessary to my well-being, then only I am having a luxurious lifestyle.

According to the economic point of view, if we have one thousand rupees and consume goods and services that involve an expenditure of more than one thousand rupees then it would be a luxurious consumption.


The material goods of the world are limited and so is the income of most of us. Here all of spent money on those urgent needs that are immediate and less urgent than others. For this, we build a series of desires giving them importance according to the need.

Everybody needs food, drink, shelter, and other things that may satisfy our vanity. Here we have to apply the economic principle of diminishing returns of satisfaction of our wants.

Here one has to satisfy his immediate needs and beyond that, the satisfaction of wants resulting in the spending of money would be called luxury.

Yet a certain amount of luxury helps us to become refined, gives us culture and good taste, and helps to raise the standard of living for all. But one can see the difference in the pay hikes of the individuals.

Some people may spend more money than others. A politician may spend more money than a common man. In reality, there is no standard by which one can measure the requirement of luxury.. There are many rich people who go on spending but they get no satisfaction.

Final Thought

In reality, we have no final taste of luxury. Everyone has his own standard of luxury. The desire of each, the requirement of every individual’s efficiency, differences of customary position and the differences in the capacity to use and enjoy these all must be taken into consideration to decide if any particular expenditure that he or she makes is or is not luxury.

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