Short 300 words Essay on a Railway Journey

Essay on my journey by train

Short essay on Essay on my journey by train, in about 300 words, described on the following headwords;
  1. When and where I had to go and from which place?
  2. The scene at the booking office
  3. The scene at the platform such as arrival, departure, coolie, station officials etc.
  4. The fellow passengers in the compartment.
  5. Scene at the different railway stations on the way
  6. Arrival at the station

Essay on a trip to Allahabad by train: It was a month of February. People were going to Allahabad to bath in the holy waters of the Ganga and the Jamuna. I also arranged to go there with my friends.

Scene at the Booking-office

There was a great rush before the booking-office. People were standing in line. Finally we got tickets with much difficulty.

Scene at the Platform

The platform was full of passengers. Hawkers were selling fruits, sweets and other things. Coolies were busy bringing the language of passengers. Some railway officers were busy in their work. We waited for ten minutes. The train came. It was full of passengers, so it was bit difficult to reach to reservation berth, finally we settle down to our seats.

The fellow passengers in the compartment

The scene inside the compartment was very interesting. Some people were playing at cards, a young boy was signing, and some old men were sleeping. A Punjabi was selling locks, books etc. Sometime later TTE (Traveling Ticket Examiner) came in our coach, to check every passenger ticket to verify it.

Scenes at different station on the way

The train stopped at the several stations on the way. At every station, passengers came in. The platform was full of passengers, hawkers were selling different things.

Conclusion: There was nothing unusual in the way. No accident took place. At about 7 p.m, the train stopped at Allahabad. We left the compartment; we came out of the station. I really enjoyed my journey by train.
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