Essay on Shivaji Maharaj, छत्रपति शिवाजी पर निबंध - My Favourite National Hero

Short Essay on Shivaji Maharaj

Essay on Shivaji Maharaj
India has had in all ages such son’s as have truly served her. They did not shirk their responsibility, fought for the cause which they held dear to their lives and discharged their duties honestly and bravely. Shivaji was one of them. The Indians cherished his memories to this day for what he did to save and raise his down-trodden country. For detail Wiki about Shivaji

Shivaji Maharaj Story

Shivaji was born at Bijapur in 1627 in a Marhatta family. His father Shahji Bhonsle, held a very respectable job in the Bijapur Durbar. His mother Jija Bai had a great influence upon her son. She usually narrated stories of brave deeds and skills to him, and the lesson he imbibed from her, stood him in good stead in after life. He was educated at Poona now Pune. He learnt riding and warfare at an early age. Guru Ram Dass, made a patriot of him. Immediately after he had done with education, he gathered a band of devoted and selfless workers, and started his career as a conqueror. He conquered many a fort in the Deccan.

The growing power of Shivaji made the King of Bijapur hostile to him. His was deprived of his position and put behind the bars. This did not deter Shivaji from his mission he had adopted. The King Deputed Afzal Khan, a great warrior, to subdue Shivaji.

Shivaji could see that he was no match for Afzal Khan and his army, in an open field. He played a trick and killed him. Soon after this, he changelled the mighty power of the great Mugal Emperor, Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb sent Shaista Khan against him, Shivaji and his shoulder attacked Shaista Khan at the dead of one night and he could not escape unhurt. After knowing the failure of Shaista Khan, Aurangzeb deputed two of his best generals at the head of large Army. One of them was Raja Jai Singh. Shivaji lost fort after fort and had to yield. Raja Jai Singh succeeded in persuading Shivaji to submit and have a dialogue with Aurangzeb. He gave him his word that no harm would come to him. But the talk did not bear expected fruit. Shivaji was imprisoned, but quite cleaverly escaped from jail.


The Great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji again rose to power, crowned himself king in 1674 at Rajgarh with the title of Chhatrapati Shivaji. He rose from an ordinary soldier to a powerful king and carved out a Kingdom for him and his successors. He was born patriot and general. One thing that made him stand out is that he had great respect for women folk. Once the daughter of a Nawab was brought before him as prisoner of war, he gave her some gifts and under a strong escort sent her to his father’s Kingdom. His greatest aim was to get his motherland rid of foreign rulers. On this very account, he occupies a very high place among the heroes of this country. He died at the age of fifty three in 1680.

Shivaji was the Marhatta chief who brought the Marhatta under one banner and inspired them with new spirit of patriotism and made them strong enough to fight the powerful Mughal Emperor. Several Muslims fought under his banner. In fact, it is he who drove the first nail into its coffin.

He was God-fearing and honored all the religion equally well; the Temples and Mosques were to him the sacred places.


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