500 Words Mahatma Gandhi Essay for Class 1 to 12th

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Mahatma Gandhi Essay in English in 500 Words

Short Note on Mahatma Gandhi

The personality of Mahatma Gandhi was unique. He was a great political leader, a renowned statesman, a social reformer and a saint. He is called the Father of Indian Nation.  We Celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd of October.

Mahatma Gandhi whose full name is Mohan Dass Karam Chand Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujarat. He was married to Kasturba at an early age. He went to England for higher studies and after passing his Bar-at-Law examination there, he returned to India where he started to practice as a lawyer.

10+ Lines on Mahatma Gandhi Essay for Kids

  1. Mahatma Gandhi is known as the “Father of the Nation”
  2. He preached the doctrine of no-violence.
  3. He was born on October 2, 1869, in Porbandar, Gujurat.
  4. Gandhiji received formal education at Rajkot & Bhavanagar.
  5. He studied law in English and became the barrister in 1891.
  6. Mahatma Gandhi protested against racial discrimination by the government in South Africa.
  7. In 1917, he launched the first Satyagragh campaign in India at Champaran, Bihar.
  8. Gandhiji propagated his ideas by editing the journals, Navajivan & Young India.
  9. He led the non-cooperative movement in 1920.
  10. Gandhiji campaigned intensively for khadi and swadeshi.
  11. He started the civil disobedience movement in 1930.
  12. The historic Dandi March, from Sabarmati to Dandi beach, took place to protect against salt Act.
  13. Gandhiji launched the quit India Movement in 1942.
  14. He was assassinated by a fanatic, Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948.
  15. He was in favour of co-operative & Panchayati Raj system.

Mahatma Gandhi Essay in English (LONG ESSAY)

Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest man of his time. He was born in Gujarat on 2nd October 1869. His father was the Diwan of the State and his mother was a homemaker.

After completing his education in India, he went to England to study Law. After coming back from there, he began his practice in South Africa.

But soon he started a non-violent agitation in order to improve the condition of the low and down-trodden Indian living there. He regarded truth and no-violence as the best weapons for the achievement of India’s Independence.

Gandhi in South Africa – Fight Against Law

Mahatma Gandhi’s public life began in South Africa. He saw the Indian being badly treated there by the Europeans. So he determined to fight against the injustice under which the Indians groaned.

He started Satyagraha against the unjust laws. All the Indians there took part in this movement. Gandhiji, after a great struggle, was successful in his mission. He became a political leader.

Gandhi in India Fought for freedom

When he returned to India, he decided to fight for the freedom of his country. He created awareness among Indian masses. He followed the slogan of Lokmanya Tilak, that the Swaraj was their birthright and that the British should quit.

Our foreign rulers did not like this. There were many clashes with British and Mahatma Gandhi went to jail many times. Many other political leaders like Motilal Nehru, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lala Lajpat Rai and Subhash Chandra Bose joined him in this struggle. They were also put behind the bars several times. At last, we were able to win freedom for India in 1947.

I admire Mahatma Gandhi for his qualities of head and heart. He had full faith in God. In his daily prayers, he used to read out passages of Holy book of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians etc.

He taught the principle of truth and the love of fellowmen. He wanted to create oneness not only among the Indians but among the people of the world.

Gandhiji was a great social reformer. He worked for the uplifts of the Harijans. He had a deep love for the villagers and he revived cottage industries.

He wore simple cloth and chadar made of hand-spun cloth. He advised the Indians to boycott the British goods and encourage the use of Country made goods, especially hand-spun cloth.

He would never tell a lie. He believed in non-violence. He hated the killing of animals in all its forms. He believed in Hindu-Muslim unity, and for the end, he sacrificed his life.

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Mahatma Gandhi was a man of principle. He would rather die than give up his principles. He advocated the cause of the poor and the down-trodden. He was the greatest man of modern times.

Death of Gandhi

This is very sad that a fanatic named Godse who did not like his ideas or principles shot him dead on the 30th of January, 1948.

He was no more with us, but his teachings of truth, no-violence, peace and brotherhood would continue to inspire generations of people. His ideas enlighten the whole world and would continue to guide the misguided.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Speech (Unedited)

You can watch the following speech on Mahatma Gandhi for class 3 or higher.

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