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Smoking Essay Introduction

Learn why smoking is so dangerous for our body? Discussed through Smoking Essay in English for everyone who wants to quit smoking. How it directly effect on our Health?

In the present society, cigarette smoking is glamorized. More and more people in metro-cities, especially the young generation is getting addicted to smoking.

Regardless of their harmful effects, people are still smoking day and night. Scientific research and various studies have been conducted to find out the ill-effects of smoking on human health.

10 lines on Smoking Essay | Negative Effects on Health

  1. Smoking affects both active (who do smoking) and passive (who doesn’t smoke) smokers.
  2. In modern society, TV and movies have glamourized cigarette smoking.
  3. It causes cancer, damage to the nervous system; cardiac diseases, asthma, lung cancer etc. can be caused by smoking.
  4. India is in the midst of a catastrophic epidemic of deaths due to smoking.
  5. Smoking affects women more adversely than men.
  6. It not only affects physical fitness but also mental health.
  7. Passive smoking increases many health and behavioural problems in children.
  8. If one wants to quit smoking, it requires planning and strong intention.
  9. Keeping the interest of both smokers and non-smokers in mind, there should be a ban on smoking in public places.
  10. In the workplaces, there should be an arrangement for a separate smoking zone for smokers.

Smoking Essay in English 350 Words

It has been proved that smoking can be fatal since it is root causes many deadly diseases. So considering the ill-effects, there should be some restrictions on smoking.

But in liberated society, people talk about their individual freedom and right to live their life according to their wishes.

In that case, the right of the non-smoker to get pollution free environment should be taken care of.

A total ban on smoking is not that easy and perhaps not possible. It has however been banned in public places.

Smoking essay in English

You can avoid this, by taking simple measures such as strong determination to quit, see the harmful effects of smoking on our body.

Initially, it is difficult to quit smoking from the first day, but over time you can see a lot of improvement in yourself, this is only possible if you have strong will-power.

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Dangers of Smoking Essay

Smoking is one of the evil that is devastating health. It injures our mind and physique. On every packet of a cigarette, one can see the warning lines but it has got a little effect. In western countries, women are addicted to smoking.

Too much of smoking affects our nervous system. It has a poison type acid that eats away our lungs and heart.

Slowly it makes the action of the nervous system slow, affecting the heart and circulatory system. Smoking causes many fatal diseases like cancer, heart attack, asthma and loss of appetite.

The atmosphere is polluted and its effects are more on a person who is sitting by the side of the smoker. It reduces stamina and life span.

Tobacco contains nicotine, a kind of substance that affects the lungs. It may even cause cancer of the lung, which is an incurable and dangerous ailment.

A man who uses tobacco in any form falls a victim to diseases of many kinds. His hunger is lost. Food is not well assimilated in the system.

So the health of the affected person starts declining slowly but surely. It is a slow but direct gateway to death. Many have lost their lives.

Benefits of Quiting Smoking

Smoking Essay Conclusion

Now you should realize the negative side of smoking, we have highlighted the dangers of smoking essay that explains the Harmful Effects of Smoking on Health. It is high time for them to shun the habit of smoking.

We must realize the harmful effects of smoking and enlightened the people about its dangerous consequences. 31st June is being observed as the day to say no to tobacco throughout the world.

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