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Simple yet inspiring Essay on Importance of Discipline for students, we learn more about, the value of discipline, dedicated for school children of class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12th.

Also discussed some related questions, What is discipline? Why it is important? & more. It is written in such a way, you get the most out of the essay.

We are going to explore why discipline is a must for a student’s life? And its importance in everybody’s life. Discipline is the process of training oneself in obedience, self-control, skills, etc.

Discipline is the basis of the whole universe. Without discipline, there would be imbalance and utter chaos. Discipline should be inculcated from a very young age. Talents blossom in a disciplined person.

Discipline is important and must in every sector such as educational institutions, family, military departments, the social and political life of a nation, games and sports etc.

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We should live in harmony, do our duties properly and maintained self-disciplined. This will bring progress and prosperity to the nation. If you really want to achieve something in your life, you must follow a strictly disciplined life.

Let us understand the importance of discipline through the infographic. See how important is the discipline students and for everyone in order to achieve something big in their life.

7 Lines on the Importance of Discipline Essay

Importance of Discipline in Student's Life
Importance of Discipline in Student’s life


Essay on importance of Discipline

Discipline means to act according to certain rules, very essential, unchecked freedom brings anarchy, discipline in nature, natural phenomena shows perfect discipline, no happiness in the family without discipline.

Life in society becomes insecure, necessary in every institution such as the army, school, political party, important both for teachers and students, not a negation of freedom, absolutely necessary for the progress of the nation.

Discipline means keeping things in order. It reminds us of a sense of duty and obedience. According to Swami Vivekananda, duty is obedience to the voice of conscience; discipline is necessary not only in school and colleges but in all walks of life. Lack of discipline will lead to chaos and confusion in life.

Discipline is training, especially of the mind and the characters, aimed at producing self-control obedience, etc.

It implies submission to orders or to rules. In a democratic county, every citizen needs a long course of discipline, in order that he might not be swayed by passion, prejudices, temptation, and other such vices, unchecked freedom brings anarchy.

Discipline is absolute to the growth and the development of an individual and a healthy society. It is indispensable for one and all in every walk of life.

It is indispensable at home, at school, in the playground, in society, in the army, in public life, in political parties, and in facts everywhere.

Discipline must be taught early in life. We all receive our first lesson of discipline at home, through obedience to parents and elders.

Discipline at home makes for the future greatness of an individual. The child who is allowed unchecked freedom becomes wayward.

But a disciplined child, who has been taught to rise early, to learn his lessons properly, to take physical exercise at the proper time, and to avoid bad company, is sure to grow up to be a useful member of the society.

Student life is the seed-time of life. Hence, the value of discipline in academics cannot be overestimated.

We find a perfect discipline in natural phenomena, from heaven above to earth below everywhere discipline reigns supreme.

For example, the earth, the moon, and stars move around the sun. They move according to move in certain specific rules. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west haven’t changed since the big bang.

Even animal-like bees and ants are discipline under their leader. Similarly, the various organs in the living body of man and animal cooperate with one another and are disciplined for the maintenance, growth, and development of the whole body.

In certain spheres of activity, discipline is the first requisite. For instance, in the army, a little indiscipline may mean defeat or death.

The value of discipline in the armed forces has well been illustrated in Tennyson’s poem, the charge of the Light Brigade.

At the battle of Balclova in obedience to an order from the commander, 600 English soldiers charged a whole detachment of the Russian army.

The soldier did not question the propriety of the order, which was a great blunder. They marched into the valley of death unflinchingly and won a decisive victory, a rare example of chivalry, patriotism, and discipline. The point has been beautifully illustrated by a poet who said:

Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do and die.

Summarize the importance of discipline in the following point. This is helpful for everyone and especially for grown-up children.

6 Short Lines Essay on Discipline

  • Every successful person follows discipline in their life. It is the basis of the whole universe.
  • A disciplined life is a must for anyone who wants to achieve something big in their life.
  • Maintain a harmonious balance between discipline and freedom.
  • Discipline is important even in a family.
  • Discipline is important in every field whether it’s a military department, games and sports and for the social and political well-being of a nation.
  • Must have a disciplined life For personal growth as well as national prosperity.


The value of discipline in every field whether, in the political, social and economic life of a country is no less important. Only a nation of disciplined people can rise to the occasion. An undisciplined nation invites its own doom later or sooner.

Hence, discipline is a precious treasure. I hope above 7 points on the importance of discipline in our life that would add some value in your life. Always remember, Life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder, this is the fact of life.

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