1000 Word Essay on Computer | 10 Lines

We take you through an essay on computers that describes the importance of computers & their uses in our day-to-day life, how it can be helpful for kids and school students?

Essay on Computer

Also see the highlighted the important points about computers, explore the uses and misuse of computer technology.

The following computer essay in English would be helpful for students in class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th, 11th, 12th, or higher in preparing school assignments.

About Computer | What is computer?

A computer is one of the brilliant gifts of modern science. The invention of the computer device is the constant and laborious effort of scientists. Charles Babbage was the first one who developed this device in 1812.

The working procedure of this electronic device is that it takes data (or information) as input and gives desired results after processing sequences of instructions.

Today’s computer is used everywhere from home to offices, used in small to large scale business. We are heavily dependent on computers, now they have become part of our day-to-day life. ( Computing Device history Wikipedia)

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Short Essay on Computer and Its Uses

Modern scientific advancement and technology have developed to such an extent that our different means of comfort in the home as well as in the industry are becoming more and more lucrative and beneficial to all of us with the advancement of this know-how.

We have many developed methods of communication, calculation and transportation, and other domestic appliances.

In this regard, it is not an exaggeration to mention the name of the computer that helps in giving accurate inquiries to our complicated and complex problems.

The invention of the computer is the result of the constant and laborious efforts of the scientists; Charles Babbage and George Boole are well-known names.

The computer system is based on made-up intelligence. We feed possible answers to the question in the computer and the button is pressed to get the correct answer.

It helps us find future possibilities of the items developed already. Today the scientist is using supercomputer knows as to how we can get better results for the existence of man on this planet.

Today the computer makes us aware of an earthquake, accident of air and water. The accuracy of the weather forecast is done by computers.

The usage of computers is increasing day by day. It collects data and selects correct answers. It can do figure work on a large scale.

All the big MNC’s and the government offices use computers for their payroll and other figure work.

The Indian railways and the air traffic departments have computerized their function in every division.

All the developed and developing countries use a computer to solve their climate, industrial and commercial problems. Advance countries take the help of a computer to control the traffic.

Even then the computer has to get help from a human brain, without proper instruction it is just a machine.

Thinking is done by the human brain, which a computer does not do, we have to supply the input and the rest is processed by the computer.

Now a computer has become the source of employment in various fields.  But it is feared that it would one day create unemployment.

10 Uses of Computer | Computer in daily life

  1. The computer is one of the brilliant inventions of science.
  2. The first computer developed by Charles Babbage in 1812.
  3. For proper functioning of a computer by supplying input using programing language.
  4. The main characteristics of a computer are speed, accuracy, reliability and integrity.
  5. Nowadays computer has influenced practically all fields of activity.
  6. For completely utilizing a computer, one must have access to the internet (storehouse of information)
  7. In India, the computer application is also being extended to the legal arena.
  8. The computer gives us many benefits, also has its negative side too.
  9. Computerisation has been spreading at a fast rate in almost every field, such as medical science, technology and industry.
  10. Computerization has shrunk the whole world into a global village.

Essay on Computer | Importance of Computer in our Life

The computer is one of the most creative inventions of science. Computers were invented as a result of the main search for a fast and accurate calculating device.

This electronic device is used for storing a large number of data, and analyze the information fed into it, for fast calculating, or for automatic controlling machinery.

This device was first developed by Charles Babbage in 1812 followed by George Boole in 1854, Howard and Aitten (1937), J.P Eckert, and Dr. John Nouchly in 1946.

These computers were named first-generation equipment. Nowadays we use Artificial intelligence (abbreviated as A.I) technology to develop more advanced computers, today we are using 8th generation computers.

Due to the advancement of technology, Each new generation of computers has been compact in size (easy to carry), lighter, fast speed, and more powerful than the earlier version of the computer.

We use small and ultra-slim laptops, tablets, notebooks are quite common nowadays. Computers have now been entered into almost every field such as medical, education, space research, small and ‘large scale companies or in other words computers have been dominating in all spheres of life.

Computer programs are a must to run a computer. We have to input data for the computer to process it and produce output. The programming part is done by a software engineer.

Main Characteristics of Computer

The main characteristics of the computer are speed, accuracy, Diligence, versatility, storage, and reliability. Let us go through the characteristics one by one.

  • Speed – A electronic device that is capable of executing millions of instructions/sec.
  • Diligence – Computer can work n-number of hours without any break; can perform complex problems with accuracy.
  • Accuracy – Provide a high of accuracy i.e. no chances of error.
  • Storage Capacity – Computer can store n-number of data. Other electronic devices like CDs, DVDs, and pen drives.
  • Versatility – Computer is a multi-tasking device that can various task at same time.
  • Reliability – The computer won’t do mistakes unless providing the wrong inputs. A computer can perform consistently well.

There are advanced computers such as Mainframe computers capable of executing millions of instructions per second without any error. These computers are used in railways, airlines, banks, and more.

It can carry out complex calculations in just a few minutes time which would require many days if carried out manually. A computer has a huge memory, we can store a large amount of data.

The computer programs are the set of instructions that is readable by the computer to solve the problem.

There are various programming languages that can be used to efficiently run a computer, such as Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, C, C++(object-oriented language), Java, .Net, and PHP.

The software giants like Microsoft, Infosys have established themselves as market leaders, pioneering the IT revolution globally.

Computers help us in offices and everyday work more efficiently and accurately. Software is just the medium of communication or supply information to the computer to process data and produce output.

After the advent of software industries in the 1990s, within a few years’ time, computers have dominated every field whether home or office.

All the departments either government or private, all the daily tasks are performed by computers, it has reduced the manual work. Most of the work is done on computers.

Even the traffic in metros or populated cities is controlled by computers. Now we have a centralized banking system due to computers, automation in the airlines, railways stations and banks are great relief to the public and staff members of the respective departments.

Air tickets and railways reservations are more efficient and convenient than ever before. There are various games like chess, cards and car racing, especially kids, children of all age group and even adult are love to play on computers. For some people, these games are the best pastime.

The fast development in Medical science due to computers, for medical diagnosis computers, are used to locate and examine to get optimum accuracy and precision.

They are used in diagnosing many critical diseases. Computers help us in managing business transactions and associated data.

Uses of Computer in Education System

In order to properly utilize computers, we must have an internet connection, as we all know the internet is the powerhouse of knowledge.

The computer is the backbone of internet technology, the majority of the application lies on the internet. In today’s digital era, we all rely on the internet for anything and for everything. We can access world information with a single click.

Internet usage is quite common the number of Internet users in India is increasing day by day after Reliance Jio came in. Access to the internet is now affordable to laymen.

We can get air tickets, railway reservations, and movie tickets booked online. Earlier a few years back we used to stand in queue for long hours to get our things done.

It saves a lot of time and money. One can apply online for jobs or submit an application for admission in school, colleges, enroll in fast-track courses.

And job-oriented programmes quite easily without going anywhere. We can see the results of any examination by just sitting at home.

Let us go through the important role of computers in the education system like schools, colleges, and universities. Here we highlighted the main points such:

  • A computer is an excellent device if combined with the internet, it can be used in performing various task such as remote learning, for communicating, distribution of educational materials.
  • It helps the learner to learn modern tools and knowledge that will keep her/his updated with the latest trend in technology and ready for future challenges.
  • Has completely transformed the teaching methodology – effective learning using audio and visuals.
  • A Computer can ensure the accuracy of teaching materials such as spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Power of Computer along with internet, gives any information about any topic at your fingertips.

It connects teachers to students, and their parents, and vice-versa that ultimately improve the quality of the teaching and learning process.

Parents know their children’s progress report through computers, if required take necessary action at the right time.

Use of Computer in Business

Interconnected computers worldwide, the internet is revolutionizing the concept of business. More and more businesses are being conducted online.

The network has given rise to virtual offices i.e. we can access audio and visual to offices globally via the internet.

Internet is a powerhouse of knowledge for all of us, it can be a great help especially for school kids, children’s & college students.

One can access distance learning courses or programs online. There are various website offers free study materials online.

It is one of the best & quickest ways to apply and take admission to foreign universities for higher education. Anybody in any corner of the world can easily access any information they want.

Millions of users created a profile online on the Matrimonial websites who are seeking the life partner of their choices. Many dating websites are available for those who are searching for a dating partner.

Over time we have witnessed various changes in technology, now there are tax return facilities available online by the government. We can download the Income-tax form from the government authorized website and submit it online.

In Indian, the craze of the internet has been increasing over time. Indian has become the second-largest internet user approx. 699 million globally after China (which has 746 million connected users).

It is a good opportunity for businessmen to grow their business online, many businesses are moving online.

This does not only help to grow their business but connected them to potential customers or partners for the future.

E-Commerce has gained popularity in India over a short period of time, as it allows trade at a low cost or gets a chance to enter the world market.

In India the e-commerce giant is Amazon, Flipkart is now overtaken by Walmart to compete with Amazon.com.

The concept of digital money has come into existence where you can pay bills online with smart cards, shopping and do a lot more stuff.

Importance of Computer in School

The use of computers in schools plays a major role in the overall career development of students. It is the most powerful device that help students to learn new skill-sets.

With the growth of computers and the internet and simultaneously its usages increasing day by day, Computers should be part of the school curriculum.

It is the need of time that every student should know the basics such as how it works? One must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using computers.

The initiative was taken by the central and the state government of India, to encourage the computer education school to fulfill the dream of digital India (Every corner of India is connected digitally).

The government has taken every step to extend computer applications in the legal sphere. The honorable Supreme Court of India has become the first court to provide e-filing of cases.

Computerization has created multiple opportunities for the job seekers such as Programming, Data processing operators DTP, Hardware & networking.

It also provides tremendous growth opportunities for young entrepreneurship to take their business to a new height.

Use of Computer Application in Various Areas of Business

The computer helps us connected worldwide through the internet, teleconferencing and video conferencing are possible.

Internet is one of the best and affordable ways to get connected with friends and family members anytime anywhere.

We can access information regarding education, businesses, share markets, and politics.

Get the latest news about what’s happening around us and globally online through a search engine (see search engine optimization guide) such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more.

The power of computers and the internet together expands business opportunities also opened up new avenues of shopping and entertainment.

Computerization has been a part of the banking system, railways, airlines, businesses, engineering, electronic publication, metrological department, medical science, and stock markets, and many others.

It is heavily used in defense, used in enabling radars, aid in missile and satellite launching. Computerization can be a great help in the agricultural field such as seed research in rural areas, crop disease management, and development for the rural industries.

Misuse of Computer Technology

The above-discussed points are the uses of the computer but it has a negative side too.

With the growth of computer is going on, technology is being used for the overall development of the country.

But at the same time technology has been misused for financial frauds, for hackers use our credit cards, steal our password, manipulate data (attack on personal and useful data), sending vulgar messages and for giving threats and blackmailing through e-mails, and even for promoting anti-national activities.

There certain websites provide pornographic materials that divert the young mind from education, which is not good for healthy growth of children.

To check such illegal activities, or to control such crime, the government has established a Center for Cyber Crime Investigation consist of IT experts and specialized software to keep track tech-savvy criminals.


Now you have got enough information about computer via above essay on computer, However, the advantage and importance of computers far outweigh the disadvantage.

Through computer digitization the world has become the global village today, linked via the internet. It’s a great gift of science if used wisely

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