Essay on Pleasure of Reading: 7 Reasons why is it so?

Essay on pleasure of reading: You will find a detailed essay on why reading habits are important for students? Also, have a quick 10 lines on how reading may be helpful in many ways?

This essay is meant to students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12th & graduates. who is searching for the right content on reading books, that will help in completing their assignment and enhances their knowledge?

essay on pleasure of reading books

10 Lines on Pleasure of Reading Books

  1. We must cultivate a habit of Reading which develops our character.
  2. Reading is possible only when there is a book, script.
  3. Reading books provides us with intellectual food for our mind.
  4. Reading habit offers pleasure to a person of all age groups.
  5. By reading books, we learn about the experiences and thoughts of great men.
  6. Reading is regarded as an important source of knowledge and information.
  7. Reading is not feasible for every person in today’s fast-paced life.
  8. We get maximum benefit by reading good books.
  9. Books are our best companion when we are alone.
  10. Reading for pleasure is different from reading under compulsion.

Short Essay on Pleasure of Reading

Reading of books provides us unique pleasure which enhances our knowledge and sharpens our intellect. Reading offers pleasure to persons of all tastes, temperament and age-groups.

By reading books we get to know the experience and thoughts of great thinkers. By reading one can learn many things within a short period of time.

It is regarded as an important source of knowledge and information. But reading as a hobby is not feasible for everyone in today’s busy life.

One should make a wise choice of good books. Books are our best friends that are always within any circumstances. They provide the best advice and guidance in a time of difficulty.

Reading for pleasure is quite different from reading under pressure. We must cultivate a habit of reading because it gives us pure pleasure.

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7 Reasons why reading books are important?

Why we should cultivate reading Habit? Books are the treasure of knowledge. Reading books is the best way to spend our leisure. Books are a great source of information and delight. They enable us to develop our mind and broaden our outlook.

Reading books provides an intellectual feast knowledge, it satisfies our intellectual hunger. Books cover innumerable subjects and reading them is always a pleasure.

  1. Reading enhances our intellectual power.
  2. Reading is a good habit which develops our character.
  3. By reading books, we get to know the experiences and thoughts of great men.
  4. Reading open up a new world of opportunity.
  5. Reading inspires and motivates you.
  6. Reading boosts your self-esteem, more you learn more you achieve in your life.
  7. It increases your vocabulary, by reading exposes you to new words.

Essay on Pleasure of Reading Books

Essay on Pleasure of Reading

One must cultivate a habit of reading, or make it a hobby of reading books from childhood. I made reading books as my hobby at the age of 15; I used to read a lot of novels.

Reading not only helping in spends our leisure time but it enhances our knowledge. Good Books are the best friends whom you can trust blindly, they are always with you anytime anywhere.

  • Reading is an excellent diversion and a pleasant hobby.
  • By reading books we come in contact with the noblest minds of all ages.
  • Books are the best companion in loneliness.
  • Our character is shaped and devoted to books.

Books are the blessings of human life and reading is a very pleasant hobby. The picture of the world as presented by books is far more attractive than the world of reality. That is why reading is a welcome escape from the dullness and monotony of daily routine.

It is an excellent diversion which both rich and poor can afford as books these days are not very costly.

Besides a large number of public libraries make reading easier and cheaper than ever before. Millions of people these days derive pleasure from books.

Importance of Reading Books

Books are written by great scholars. They contain the best thoughts and experience of noble minds. Literature is said to mirror society.

Great thinkers put in their books not only their own ideas and feelings, but also they observe and find in society.

Books enable us to come in close contact with different cultures, climate and creeds. Therefore, if we want to know the great minds of all ages, we must-read books.

When we are sad or alone, books are our best companions. They can amuse us in our leisure time.

Great works of fiction, plays, books on poetry and short stories are an unfailing source of pleasure. Loneliness is no trouble for readers.

Great and classical work of literature contains grains of wisdom. The shape and elevate our character. When we are in a depressed and dejected mood, they soothed our troubled mind and relieved are jaded nerves.

This is why we Indian read the Gita and Ramayana. The character of Ram and Sita teach us to do noble deeds and lead a virtuous life and hate sin and cruelty.


The world today is changing fast. One who wants to move in cultural society we must keep himself well-informed.

Newspapers, magazines, and other books provide us with valuable up-to-date information. So we ought to cultivate the reading habit.

Bacon says that reading makes a full man. Indeed, “Books are the treasured wealth of the world, the fit inheritance of generations and nations.”

It brings us a sense of peace, pleasure and keeps us up-to-date and well-informed. Learning is a never-ending process, no end to learning and deriving pleasure from books.

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