Essay on Picnic with Friends, Family & Schoolmates (2024)

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Simple tips to write perfect Paragraph outlines on picnic party preparation and more. Following are the assorted essay topics on a picnic with family friends and schoolmates.

Essay on Picnic
Essay on Picnic with Schoolmates

Essay 1

Short Essay on Picnic with Schoolmates 100 words

Last Sunday, I went to Spring Dale for a picnic with my schoolmates. Our science teacher escorted us. She took around the places, she was aware of the place.

She made us familiar with the different plants and flowers that grew there. The dale was blooming with different varieties of roses, sunflowers, hibiscus, pansies, and dahlias.

The row of white lilies carried me to dreamland. There was an artificial lake with swans and ducks in it. Under a shady tree, we shared the food that each of us had brought. We all had a wonderful time there. Then we returned home on the school bus.

Essay 2

Essay on Picnic 100-150 words | Essay on School Picnic

We went on a picnic this rainy season. The weather was fine, the sky was clear and a cool breeze was blowing. Some of my friends came to my house and decided to go on a picnic.

I readily agreed. Then we set off on our bicycles. After reaching the spot, we spread a carpet under a shady tree and sat on it. Then we prepared tea.

Some of us enjoyed the beauty of nature. Everyone’s heart was light and the mind was fresh. In the afternoon we had tea, sang songs, and danced merrily.

We played some indoor and outdoor games and exchanged jokes. At dusk, we came back feeling very happy. We had a jolly day.

Essay 3

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Essay on Picnic with Friends in English


I am a student of K.V. Higher Secondary School, Haldwani. On 11 January 2017, my friends came to my house. They forced me to arrange for a picnic. I became ready to make a good programme.


Every one of us gave 200 rupees to purchase the necessary things. On the following day, we got up early in the morning. Then we started on bikes towards the river Ganges. We had some bread, butter, tea, sugar, milk, and fruits in our baskets.


After half an hour we reached Rajghat Narora. Then we hired a boat. We placed all the articles in it. The rowing of the boat gave us much pleasure. My friend Ramesh began to sing his favourite song ‘Hum door chale duniya se’. We all had fun, we enjoyed every moment. After some time I began to narrate the famous story of Sindabad, the sailor. My friends liked it.

Then we collected some pieces of wood. We prepared tea. The refreshment was served by Harish and Mahesh. We were all in a jolly mood.

After some time, we played cards. Ramesh played his piano. His music was very decent, everybody liked it.

Mahesh tried to imitate wild animals, and his performance was extraordinary.  Sometimes he cried like a donkey, sometimes he roared like a lion. Certainly, he is a master of his art. None of us could copy him.


At about 4 p.m., we returned home. Everybody was happy. All of us enjoyed the day very much. My friends appreciated the programme. They praised me for making decent arrangements for the picnic.

Essay 4

How to write a paragraph on a picnic party – Outline?

Picnic Paragraph
Interesting Essay on a picnic with friends in English

You can write your picnic experience perfectly with the help of the following picnic paragraph that reflects everything that you would like to include.

Introduction: Saturday evening, sitting with parents after dinner, discussion about Sunday outing, picnic to the old temple.

Paragraph I: “Preparations were made with care and thoroughness”, a mother making purees, a sister preparing tea, milk for a baby brother – myself shopping for jalebis and bananas – even father excited – helping mother in the kitchen.  

Paragraph II – Topic Sentence The temple is about 5 kilometers from our places, reach at 10 a.m – Some by rickshaw, others by cycle – choose a quiet spot – have tea.  

Paragraph III: Inside the temple, it was dark and cool. Long corridors, broken stone images – big hall with the idol of Lord Shiva.  

Paragraph IV: A small rivulet flowed by the eastern side of the temple. Big marbles lying on its bank. Little silvery fish – go boating, play cards – sing songs – exchange jokes. Offered puffed rice to the fishes in the river.

Paragraph V Evening sets in, unwilling to return yet, have to – reach home – tired – bright moonlight on the way.

Conclusion: Just summarize the above point in a meaningful way.


Long Essay 5

Essay on a Picnic with family
Essay on picnic with my family

Essay on Picnic with Family

Essay on Picnic with family: Where shall we go tomorrow? Asked my little brother last Saturday night, when we all were in the sitting room after having dinner. Father, mother, and the rest of us always sit together for some time after dinner.

I said, ‘Let’s go to the cinema’. My sister doesn’t like a film at all. She says she gets a headache when inside a cinema hall. She said, ‘Let go to the old temple in Chakrata’. “That is a good idea,” Mother said. We decided to go to Chakrata. We went to bed soon after.

The next morning, we began our preparations. Mother, as usual, got up before sunrise. After having her bath she started making ‘purees’ for us, sister prepared tea and filled two flasks.

Milk for the baby brother was also boiled. We took another flash for him. I went to the market to buy jalebis and bananas. We were amused to see even Father so excited. He was in the kitchen helping his mother.

The temple was about 5 kilometers from our place. We hired two rickshaws. I preferred going by bike. We reached the temple at about 10 a.m. We were very hungry. First, we chose a quiet spot. We spread our rug and had our tea. Then we decided to go inside the temple.

Inside there it was dark and cool. The ancient building with its thick walls and high ceiling made the inside very comfortable. There was a long corridor leading to three big rooms. All around the building, there were broken stone images. Most of these were of gods and goddesses.

We entered the big hall which had an idol of Lord Shiva at the center. The expression on the face of the idol was marvelous. Mother was full of feelings. She offered some flowers to Lord Shiva. A river flowed by the eastern side of the temple. There were marbles, plenty of them on both banks of the river. We collected a few round ones.

We could see small silvery fish that kept appearing and disappearing in the water. We threw them some puffed rice. Then went boating, the sun had started setting. It was a pleasure to boat in the twilight. While in the boat we played cards, sang songs, and exchanged jokes.

It was getting dark. Mother did not want us to stay on any longer, we had to return. Then we went home, enjoying the bright moonlight. We were tired but happy.

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