My Favourite Game Football Essay for Students (2024)

An exclusive My favourite game football essay for school students in classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th, and higher. We used to play lots of games in our childhood.

Sports activities have always been the favourite of school-going children. Here I have described a short paragraph on my favourite game football, I used to play football during my school days.

The topic is important as well as interesting for students. I hope my effort will help students in preparing their assignment and also assist in preparing their speech on favourite game football.

My Favourite Game Football Essay 120 words

my favourite game football essay

Short essay on my favourite sport footballChildren play many games, but I love the game of football. Games are essential for health. Football is an exciting game.

It gives a lot of exercises that make us healthy, active, and agile; that’s why I love the game of football. It makes life worth living.

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Football is played between two teams. In each team, there are eleven players; one of them is a goalkeeper.

Football is played on the spacious ground. There is a goalpost on each side. Players kick the ball; then they run after it. They cannot touch the ball with their hands.

If they do so, it is considered a foul. Only the goalkeeper can do so. When the football passes through the goal of the opposite team, there is a goal. The team who scores the number of goals will win the match.

My Favourite Game Football Essay in English (460 words)

My Favourite Game Football Essay in English

Last Sunday, a football match was played between our school and S.D Sabha High School, Srinagar on our school grounds.

The students of both schools attended in large numbers to witness the game and buck up their teams. The match had attracted outsiders also. Both the teams were well prepared.

The match was expected to be well-contested. Shri Vinod Khullar of Sri Pratap College was the referee. He was fair and impartial.

The referee blew the whistle at exactly 10 A.M. The captains of both teams reached the center of the ground. There was a spin of the coin.

We won the toss. We, as such, chose the side and the match began. Both the teams were in their respective uniforms. I was to play a center-forward.

I kicked the ball, and our forwards started the attack. The backs of the S.D Sabha School team offered a strong defense.

We made a push several times, but all our attempts to score a goal failed. Once the captain of S.D. The Sabha school team brought the ball along and kicked it right into our goal.

It was an excellent shot, but our goalkeeper, who was very smart and active, caught hold of the ball and sent it back over the heads of the forwarders.

Both sides tried to score a goal but in vain. Half time was called and both the teams retired for refreshment. After ten minutes, the referee whistled, and the game started again.

In the second half, both teams put up their best to make the game exciting. There were some fine kicks and counter kicks. This time our opponent pressed our team hard.

Our players were on the defensive now. The defense, however, did not prove effective. The opposing team’s captain got a chance and shot the ball through the goalposts.

There were loud cheers by their supporters. Our team did not feel discouraged; we hoped to equalize. Only ten minutes were left now. Our players now tried to play with extra zeal. I got the ball and passed it on to the right forward, Suresh Sharma.

He dribbled the ball very softly. They cleared the defensive opponents and dashed the goal. There was no other player except the goalkeeper. Suresh Sharma kicked the ball, and it passed through the poles. Loud shouts of joy were raised for our school students.



Only two minutes were left, S.D. Sabha school team tried its level best to score a goal within a short time, but their efforts were not crowned with success.

After the time was over, the referee blew a long whistle. The match ended in a draw. The game of football is an interesting game that keeps our whole body active.

This sport keeps us physically strong and active. The above My Favourite Game Football essay for students will help prepare their assignments.

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