A Cricket Match Essay in English

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A Cricket Match Essay

Short Cricket Match Essay | Essay on One-Day Cricket

Essay on Cricket Match: A one-day cricket match has its unique importance today. This one day format is quite popular today.

Earlier test matches of five-day duration were played and the probable result was a draw. A one-day cricket match lasts for only 9 to 10 hours.

It is one of the most exciting and thrilling game. In a one-day match, it has become imperative to have a winning and losing team.

The tension and the anxiety grip the players as well as the spectators. It is only after the last ball is bowled that one can decide the final result of the match.

Cricket Match Essay 250 words

Cricket Essay in English

A brief essay on cricket match played between two teams.


I am very much interested in cricket. Last year our college played a cricket match against the team of Jawahar Inter College, Agra.

I was selected in the team of my college. The match began at the right time. Both the teams were in their uniform.


The toss was won by our captain. He decided to bat first. He himself went as an opening batsman. Ram Kumar was with him. Both the players played very well.

They scored forty runs, but the captain was caught behind the wicket. Ram Kumar was also out very soon. The bowlers and the fielders of the opposite team were well-prepared. We scored only 80 runs.

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Now we took the field, the opposite team came to bat. I was in charge of the attack. From the very start, my bowling was quite decent.

One batsman after another cheaply dismissed. In the end, the captain came. He was certainly a good batsman. I tried my best to dismiss him, but I couldn’t get through.

I could not break the last partnership. My captain made frequent changes in the bowling. He tried every player.

But the last pair could not be separated. The score reached 82 runs. It was the winning score. So the batsman decided to retire.

A Cricket Match Essay in English | My Favourite Game Cricket Essay

Cricket is an outdoor game demanding great patience, peace and time. In modern times this game has become very popular.

One can see a long queue of people hearing or witnessing a Live match on the TV screen or in the playground.

During the big national and international matches, crowds assemble everywhere to enjoy this great and popular match.

Last Sunday, I had the chance of witnessing such as fine match which was played between the village team and the city team. Shri S.N. Gupta acted as an empire. The captain of the team lost the toss.

So the city team took the field and the village team went for bat. The two batsmen, who went in first there, were good and kept rotating the strikes.

One drove the ball all over the field and other blocked the line. The bowling department was strong, but there was not a single run for the first fifteen minutes.

But soon the next three batsmen were dismissed from the in less than ten minutes. All of us thought that the village team would soon be all out.

The score stood at fifty. However, their captain made a stand and with the help of a steady blocker was able to pull up a score to a century.

The captain was piling up runs very swiftly when a good ball from the bowler took the ball off the wicket.

The rest of the players could not stand long before the fast bowling and were soon out, the steady blocker going right up to the end.

He scored at a very slow rate his 20 runs took him about two hours. Their team were all out for 125 runs on the board.

We thought that the village team would lose but their one bowler gave the city team a tough fight. The city team made a weak start.

Their first wicket fell in 10 minutes when the score was only 10 runs, and they became dispirited. The captain scored rapidly from one end, but their wickets were falling. It was a defeat for the city team.

But the last batsmen applauded when he had two sixes and two fours. He had only six runs to make to win the match but luck did not favour. In the end, the city team lost the match.

These matches inculcate in us the spirit of cooperation, fellow feeling and sportsmanship. We should give them a good recognition.

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