Essay on My Favourite Game I like best

Essay on My Favourite Game Football in English

Essay on My Favourite Game

There are many outdoor-games and each student has his own choice. Some like football, other hockey, while many taken keen interest in playing cricket. Villagers preferred Kabaddi and Gulli-danda. Rich people had a liking for polo. But of all, I think, Football is the best.

There is no particular reason for one’s choice of game. One happens to play a game and sticks to it. Another may feel that he has made a wrong choice and may change it. The choice depends largely upon one’s taste. Nevertheless, I must explain why I prefer football/Soccer to other game.

I tried Badminton and lawn tennis. Badminton definitely a wonderful game but it is more of a pastime than a game for me. Lawn tennis is good game no doubt, but I’m of opinion that it doesn’t help much in developing all the muscles of the player and is not so exciting as one would like a game to be. Moreover, it is much expensive and a few can afford it.

My Favourite Sport Football

I also tried cricket, but I found it dull. It did not arouse in me half the interest that football does. It takes long to finish a cricket game.  So it has been called a lordly, leisurely game. As for Indian games like Kabaddi and Gulli-danda, they are not governed by the well-defined rules. So while playing them, player often quarrel. Moreover, these games require mere brute force and not much of a skill.
The only rival of football is hockey. Both may be regarded as almost equally exciting. Therefore, it may be difficult to make a choice between the two. Hockey can be played by boys of ordinary health. All that is required is power of endurance and capacity to run fast. Football suits strong, healthy, tall and sturdy fellows like me. It required not only physical strength, but also the knack and skill to play it successfully.


Nothing is more interesting to me than to play football or watch a football match. Football is objected to and avoided by many students on the ground that accidents frequently take place in the course of game. They do, but they as well happen in hockey and cricket. Life is full of accidents. They cannot be entirely ruled out, but they can be greatly minimized. The laws against foul play or unfair means have been now made so strict that there are few chances of accident. 

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