Essay on Wonders of Electricity for Class 1 to 12th

Essay on Wonders of Electricity for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12th & higher class. Few lines on the importance of electricity in our daily life, how the usage of electricity has impacted our lifestyle.

Can we live without electricity? Also, see how we can utilize the electricity to get the most out of it & lot more in the following essay.

Essay on Wonders of Electricity

The discovery of electricity is the greatest achievement in our lives. Man and nature have been at war since the world came into existence and nature gradually yielding its secrets.

The man has been familiar with the destructive power of the lightning in the clouds but he did not know that when properly harnessed, it could do mankind a great service.

The discovery of electricity is one of the proudest victories over nature. Electricity is a force and power which can be used to do any work that requires physical energy.  

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Essay on Importance of Electricity in Our Daily Life

In the modern scientific age, electricity plays an important part in our daily life and we have become increasingly dependent on it. Our houses are lit with electric lamps.

In summer, we have electric fans and refrigerator and, in winter, we use electric heaters to keep us calm. Electricity has thus reduced the rigours of seasons to the minimum.

We used to press our clothes with electric iron and cook our food on electronic stoves but things are changed nowadays.

In some advance countries, electricity is employed in cleaning utensils and dusting the room. In modern cities with an increased population, you will find a building with over fifty storeys would have proved not only an uphill task but would also have taken considerable time.

We have got electric lifts which help us to carry us up and down in a minute or so. Several countries are using electricity for many useful purposes. It is electricity that brings the news.

We are familiar with the use of the wireless, telegraph, telephone/mobile and Teleprompters. The electric car-bell is a source of great convenience in a big house or an office.

A policeman standing in a square can easily control the traffic. The network of electric tram-ways and buses is a common feature of every big city like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi.

There are now electric railway engines. You find loudspeakers for advertising purpose etc. and radios and television sets which provide us with the latest news what’s happening around the world, and music to listen.

In hospitals, X-ray machines are taken which help the doctors in diagnosing the disease and prescribing treatments.

Clocks are run, water is pumped up and cinema function through electricity. Electricity makes mills and factories work.

The electric motors set the heavy wheel of the machinery in motion and enable the machine to do their jobs.

Electric cranes help us in picking up heavy loads and transferring them from one place to another. Cotton is ginned and spun; the cloth is woven, pressed and folded by electric machines.

The newspaper is, in fact, great power in the modern world, but such a thing would have been quite impossible without big automatic printing presses which are worked by electricity.  


There are numerous other usages to which electricity is put. As soon as the electric current goes off, the bright and luminous city is plunged into darkness, all factories and mills come to stand stills, and radio and television sets stop.

All important activities which one witness going day and night come to stand-stills. Those who are born in the age of electricity can never imagine how the world could pull on without it.

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