Wonders of Science Essay for Class 6th, 7, 8, 9, 10 – 12th

We take you through Wonders of Science Essay for Class 6th, 9, 10 & 12th students. We live in the 21st century, its an era of science. Science is a blessing for us given us umpteen number of inventions and discoveries that makes our life easy & better.

Wonders of Science Essay

Today we cannot imagine living even a single moment without science.

Now we can talk long distance via telephone, fly one country to another within a few hours & more.

We have witnessed drastic development change in every field, such as medical, agriculture to space satellite.

Wonders of Science Essay 100 – 150 Words

Science has become a master of modern man. He has become a slave to scientific inventions. We totally depend on the machines, we depend on electricity/Electricity freezes the water in refrigerators, heats water in the geysers and move heavy machines.

Science has given several domestic appliances for housewife’s convenience. medical science would fail without scientific advancement. Deep cancer therapy, X-rays to peep into the human body, heart pacers and dialysis of kidneys keep the dying man cure from danger.

Television (T.V) has brought the world to every man’s door. Today’s man is more equipped with the world’s knowledge compared to an old man.

Travelling has become a lot easier for the modern man. A modern man wonders how his ancestors lived without modern amenities.

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Wonders of Science Essay for class 6, 7, 8, 9th (500 words)

wonders of science essay in english

Often students asked to write Wonders of science Paragraph for Class 1 to 9th & 12th Class. I have covered all major points that are required to makes students assignment complete.


We live in the age of science. Science is a great blessing to mankind. It has changed the entire life of a man. Everything from a needle to an aeroplane is the gift of science. Science has greatly relieved us of our suffering, lightened out toil and removed our ignorance.

The world has considerably shrunk owing to the means of transport that we have today. There are buses, cars, railways, aeroplanes and fast travelling ships.

Sciences enable us to keep in touch with what is going on in the world. To acquaint us what’s everyday happening, there the radios, the telephones, the telegraph, the wireless, the Tele-printers and the Television.

There are electric fans, electric presses, refrigerators, air-cooler, and electric stoves to make our work easy and smooth. There are cinemas to amuse us, and X-Ray machines to diagnose and more.

Our houses and streets look as bright at night as they do during the day possible because of electric lights, an outcome of science. In every phase of life, we come across the marvels of science.

Scientific machines enable us to produce goods on large scales and at a very cheap rate. Who could have dreamt some six centuries ago, that even ordinary people would be able to buy a book online?

Books written by hands were very expensive. The invention of the printing press had made books available at cheap rates.

How could the common man have heard Sehgal’s rich golden voice even after his death if there had been no gramophone?

Epidemics like small-pox, cholera, plague and other diseases which took a heavy toll, some three or four decades ago, can now easily be checked in the very beginning.

Many fatal diseases like cancer and tuberculosis have been controlled to a large extent. Man has now reached the moon and ere long he would have access to the rest of the planets.

We find cloth mills, sugar mills, flour mills, steel industry etc., all worked by electric energy. Science has produced this energy from river water which, previously used to flow into the sea without being made any use of.

In advance countries like Russia, crops are made to ripen with the aid of electricity. They have wheat in all twelve months of the year. Science can work even greater miracles.

Science has changed the nature of warfare. There was a time when armies used to fight with a sword and arrows. Now we have bombers, tanks, mortar guns, anti-air-craft-guns, and missile etc.

There are radars’ to give us warning of the approaching enemies aircraft may get ready to bring them down before they can drop our bombs.

The invention of hydrogen and atom bombs made warfare more deadly. Wars have become more destructive, more expensive and more widespread because of science.

War now affects the whole population of the country involved. So science, used in the wrong way, causes massive destruction.

Now every power has to think twice before it goes to war. This is why even big powers are now taking interest in establishing peace in the world. The big powers are now using atomic energy in useful and constructive ways.


We certainly owe a great deal to the scientists who have given us useful and valuable things. In fact, science is the very breath of the modern world.

Without science, life in modern life would be dreary and dull. It is our duty to see that the services of science are utilized for constructive purposes and to ensure peace and friendship among nations instead of war and enmity.

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