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Importance of school library
Essay on Importance of school library

Short My School Library Essay 150 words

A library is a treasure house of knowledge. A well-equipped library is an asset to the school, college, university or the neighbourhood. A library has a librarian to log and shelves the stock as also to guide and attained to the readers.

Books are kept arranged which help the readers to find the desired books easily. A member of the library can borrow a few books for a limited period and take them home.

It is the responsibility of the reader to return the borrowed books within the stipulated period and in the original condition. If he misplaces a book, he has to pay the fine for it.

There are also neighbourhood libraries and district libraries. It is a blessing for the poor students. Advancement in technology has helped in improving the library facilities.

However, the popularity of the internet will not adversely affect the importance of the library.

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My School Library Essay 250-300 words | Essay on My School Library

My School Library Essay

Essay on School Library Outline, Introduction, Books, The Librarian, How books are issued? The interest of students, and advantages.


There is a library in my school. It is very grand. It is in our school hall. A reading room is attached to it. It is near the staff room. The office of the principal is just in front of it.


There are several big almirahs, books are arranged subject-wise. There are many good books on every subject. A number is given to each book. The name of every book is written in a register.

The Librarian:

There is a trained librarian at my school. His name is Prem Shanker Govila. His main duty is to supervise the proper functioning of the library. There is a servant to help him in his work. His name is Ganga Saran Sharma.

How books are issued:

Every year a student gets a card from the librarian. After writing the name of the book, he gives his card to the librarian, and then only librarian issues the books.

The book is issued to the student only for ten days (days may vary from one school to another). The librarian keeps the card with him.

Interest of Students:

The students of our school take much interest in reading books. They go to the reading room to read newspapers (see essay on use and abuses on newspaper) and magazines.

They read them silently. Some teachers are always there to guide them. They go there in their vacant periods.

Importance of a Library:

A library is very useful for students. It is a storehouse of knowledge. It helps the students and teachers to learn more. Students get books easily on almost every subject.

My School Library Essay for Students

Detailed essay about library, you will find every basic detail required to write a good on school library. At the end of it, include quick 10 on importance of library.

A library is a collection of books, magazines, newspapers and journals etc. A school without a library can be likened to the human body without a soul.

The school library is the house of wisdom and knowledge. Teachers and students go to the library room and satisfy intellectual hunger by studying.

My school has a very good library:

The quietest corner of my school is the library room. It is a temple of learning. There are so many Almirah in it containing books on all subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Knowledge, adventures, General knowledge and civilization.

There are many storybooks for children and novel for teachers and grown-ups. There are books of every taste and every subject arranged separately in each shelf.

Librarian sits in one corner of the room. He is a thorough gentleman. His duty is to watch every activity happening inside the library.

You need not search for a book, he knows where and in which part of the self lies the book you are looking for. He helps the student selecting good books, and the books are issued to the student according to the priority basis.

I always go to the library in the recess to get books. But magazine and newspapers are not issued to anyone; we have to go there in the free or the recess period to study them.

There are three large tables in the library. There are newspapers and journals lying on them. They all seem to invite us to read them.

We sit there and get some magazines and journals suited to our taste and read it quite silently. There is pin-drop silence in the library room.

Our library room is quite spacious and airy. It is fitted with so many electric fans that we feel comfortable during summer.

There are different kinds of a board like ‘Silence, Please’, ‘Talk Less’, ‘Read and Think More’, and ‘Books are best friends and Treasure of Wisdom’ etc. fixed in the library.

The books in the library are so colourful, delightful, and full of information that I wish I could get two books every day instead of one after every third day. The environment in the library room is quite conducive for students.

10 Lines on Importance of Library

  1. Books are men’s best friends.
  2. Books, magazine, journals and newspaper are kept in the library.
  3. A reader utilizes his spare time by reading in the library.
  4. Library inevitable part of academic curriculum.
  5. A library is maintained by librarian.
  6. The atmosphere in the library should be peaceful and scholarly.
  7. Books in the library are indexed and properly arranged.
  8. Libraries issues member cards whereby readers can borrow books and take them home.
  9. One has to pay fine if one does not return the book on due date. He has to pay the price of a book if he loses it.
  10. The library is a boon for the poor students.
  11. Popularity of the internet will not adversely affect the utility or relevance of a library.

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