Long and Short Essay on Railway Station | An Hour At The Railway Station Essay For School Student

Short Essay on Railway Station (120+ words)

A railway platform is an interesting and attention-absorbing place. Last Sunday I went their to receive my uncle. The whole place was full of hustle and bustle, some trains come in and the relative and friends of the coming people have to receive. Some trains were about to leave. People who had come to see off their relatives or friends were talking to them. The coolies were running here and there with loads on their head and shoulders. Vendors and hawkers were calling customers to sell their wares. The face of meeting people had sunshine on account of meeting. The faces of people who came to see off were sad. Anyways it is an interesting or entertaining place.

Essay 2 (370 words)

Essay on Railway Station for School Student

Generally the scene at a railway station is that of crowd and noise. Ours is a junction. You can never find the Bareilly junction quite, it has a number of platforms at which trains arrives and depart at all hours. Crowds of people from all corners of Uttar Pradesh can be seen here.

At the entrance to the station, rickshaws, cars and bicycles make walking impossible. If you have light luggage, which you can carry yourself, there is no difficulty. But if luggage is heavy, you have to wait for coolie. Very often the coolies bargains with you. You may have to pay more than the fixed rate.
The scene at the railway station is most exciting when the train puffs in. Then the platform is filled with large crowd of passengers, their relatives who come to see off, and coolies. When the train comes to a halt, confusion is at its peak. Passengers inside the train try to get down and those on the platform struggle to get in. Everybody is in hurry to get in or get out, quarrels starts.

Hawkers on the railway station add to the din. Then the coolies fighting with the passengers for more wages make the place still noisier.

But just getting into the train is not always the end of the story. If you have good co-passengers, occupying a seat is not difficult. But if you find a selfish man stretching himself on the bench, however much you may plead, he will not let you sit down.

This is high time for pickpockets and thieves to do their work. While you are busy getting a seat for yourself, the pickpockets will do his work quietly and escape. It may be too late when you find out what has happened.


Lately, there seems to be a definite improvement all over. Stations are quieter, coolies more reasonable and cleaners more dutiful. But the real improvement will come only when people become educated, when they realize that the railway station is their property and that it is their duty to keep it clean, also, that the railways, similarly, are theirs and any loss, by ticket-less travel or destruction of property, is a national loss.

Long Essay 3 (500+ words)

An Hour At The Railway Station

A Scene at a Railway Station

A railway station is a very interesting place. Anxious crown on the platform wait for the arrival of train. Most of the passengers have engaged in railway coolies to carry their luggage, but few have handbags in their hands and some others have their luggage on their shoulders. Many of the people, are very anxious to get into the train, are sitting on the benches provided for passengers on the platform. The children look happy and urge their parents to buy those toys, fruits, or other refreshments. Some, in their anxiety tom get into the train first, keep their eyes glued to the direction from which the train is to come.

As soon as the signal goes down, and there is distant whistle of the engine, up goes the luggage on their hands and shoulders of the coolies. When the train arrives and the door of the carriages are opened, many people are rush out and rush in. The railway station becomes the scene of the excitement. There is dim and noise everywhere. There are clashes and blows; some are thrown away, some fall down in their attempts and some run from one coach another to get seats in compartment.
Passengers who gets their birth and seat reserved beforehand do not find the least trouble in getting their seats. The air-conditioned coach and the 1st class passengers, however form a special and privileged class; they get their seats very easily even without prior reservation. Hawkers moves up and down the platform selling fruits, books, toys, newspaper, magazines, etc. They attract the passengers with their loud and peculiar voices. Hot tea is much in demand in winter. Tea stalls have busy time. 

A few minutes later, the guard blows the whistle and waves the green flag. The engine also whistles and the train start moving. Every passenger on the platform seems to be running to catch the moving train. People who have come to see their friends and relatives off wave good by to them and watch the train rattling away. The train gone, the station staff returns to their room and all is quiet and calm at the platform. But the third class waiting hall outside the platform always remains full of all sorts of luggage and passengers. And from morning till night there seems a large crowd standing in queue at the reservation windows waiting for their turn to get their birth reserved against payment.
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