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The following Short Moral Stories with Proverbs Explaining Idioms – A Journey of Inspiration and Life Lessons! Here we have listed a few stories illustrating Proverbs. These inspiring stories for kids are based on idioms that have deep meanings in them.

Union is Strength

Short Moral Stories with Proverbs
Short Moral Stories with Proverbs

An old man had three sons. Unfortunately, they were always quarreling among themselves. His efforts to reform them to live in peace proved futile. This makes the old man extremely sad, he did not know how to set them right. At last, when he was on the deathbed, he hit upon a plan.

He sent for a bundle of sticks and called his son together. He asked the youngest to try to break the bundle, he came up took up the bundle of faggots, and exerted his utmost, but failed to comply with the wishes of his father.

He gave the attempts as futile. The second don did not do far better. Thus the oldest one was, of course, the strongest, and was proud of his strength, stepped forward.

He set the bundle against his knees and did his level best. Not to speak of breaking the bundle, he could not even bend it, he threw away the bundle, took his seat, and hung his head in shame.  

“Now, my son,” said the father to his youngest son, “untie the bundle and try to break each stick separately” he at once cut the string and found that it was not at all an uphill task.

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He broke each stick quite easily.    “Now, you see,” said the father, “when the sticks were tied together, they were too strong to be broken by any of you.

But when they fell apart, they could be broken easily. So my sons, if you hold together like a bundle of sticks, not to speak of doing you some harm, nobody will be able to touch a hair of your head.

But if you are divided like sticks separately, your enemies will find it no difficult task to harm you and every one of you will come to grief. Remain united my sons, no one dare to harm you. The sons promised to act upon it. The advice had its effect.

They gave up their old ways of life and began to live life in unity and peace. The old man breathed his last soon after this.

Moral 👍 United we stand, divided we fall.

Kindness never goes unrewarded

It was an extremely cold day. A lion felt his body shiver with cold in his den. He thought that it would be delighted to go out and lie in the sun.

He came out and did so. The warmth that crept into his body soon sent him to sleep. A mouse living close by came out of the hole and thoughtlessly climbed over the lion and began to run up and down on his body.

The lion woke up, when he saw a despicable creature a mouse playing pranks with him, the king of beats, was beside himself with rage.

He caught it in his paw and was going to crush it to death. The mouse begged the lion for mercy saying, “Please do not kill me. Let me free. If I live, I may repay you for your kindness by helping you in time of your need”. The lion laughed, and let the mouse go.

After some days hunter came into the forest, and he set his net. The same lion was prowling in search of food, being unaware of the trap laid, he was caught in it.

He tried to get himself free. The more he tried, the more he got entangled. He began to fume and fret, but it did him no good. He roared, and the mouse by chance heard his roar. It peeped out of the hole to see what was happening.

When it saw the lion struggling to get free of the net, it ran to his help and began to gnaw the ropes of the net with its small, sharp teeth. It did not take him long to do so. The lion was now free. He thanked his little friend for the help rendered.

Moral 👍 Goodness always pays, There is nothing mean in nature.

Pride Hath a Fall

Once a stag was drinking water at a stream, happening to look at his reflection in the clear water, his pride roused high. “Ah !” exclaimed he. “How beautiful my horn is! Their curves are so graceful and charming. One cannot help feeling proud of them”.

But he then caught sight of his thin, ugly legs. His pleasure gave away to a feeling of sadness and discontent. “I wish,” he said, “that these were also as beautiful as my horns”. Just then he heard the sound of a hunter’s horn and the barks of hounds. They had spotted him and were after him. He fled for his life.

The legs that he had disliked and disparaged a short while ago stood him in good stead. He put a good distance between himself and the dogs. His legs would have carried him to a place of safety but his graceful horns of which he was so proud, somehow got caught in a bush.

Before he could disentangle them, the hounds overtook him and tore him to pieces. His beautiful horns proved to be the cause of his death.

Moral 👍 All that glitters is not gold.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Once war broke out, between birds and beasts, both parties were equally strong. Bats remained neutral. The battle raged for many days. Neither side was sure of its victory. Bats went on seeing the fight but did not join any party.

After some time birds began to lose ground. “Please help us”, said the birds to the bats. “How we can join you and help?” replied the bats. “We have teeth like beasts. We are mammals. We suckle our young ones”.

The bats joined the beasts that were winning ground at that time. But as ill luck would have it, after two or three days more, the tide of the battle turned in favor of birds.


The bats now realize that they have made a wrong decision. They, at once left the beast saying, “We are birds. We have wings; we fly. We will help the birds”.

The birds, however, did not allow the bats to join them. They said, “We do not need your help now”.
In a few days, both sides were reconciled. A peace agreement was signed between them. They became friends once more.

As the bats had proved false to both parties, they were hated by both the birds and the beasts, who turned them out of their fraternity and company.

The bats felt ashamed and retired into the holes of trees. Since then they keep to their holes during the daytime and come out at night.

Moral 👍 Those who run with the hares and hunt with the hounds find themselves isolated.

Easier Said than Done

Once there were many mice in the house. They gave the homemaker no end of trouble. She was sick of them. With a view to getting rid of them, she tamed a cat, Pussy by name.

Pussy began to eat the mice. They were in a great fix. They could not come out of their holes for fear of being eaten up by the cat. One day they held a meeting, many plans were discussed, and they could not arrive at any decision.

At last, a young mouse stood up and said, “Let us hang a bell around the neck of the cat. It shall ring whenever she comes. Being warned of the approach of the enemy, we could make ourselves scared”. The plans were finally liked by all the mice.

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An old mouse, who had kept silent all the while, stood up and said, “Really your proposal is very nice but it is not sound.

Tell me who will bell the cat.” Now everybody was silent. They hopelessly looked at each other. No one came forward to offer his services. Soon Pussy appeared on the scene, and all fled away for their life.


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