Long and Short Essay on Indian Farmer in English

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Essay on Indian Farmer

Short Essay on Indian Farmer: Indian is an agricultural country, majority of our population lives in villages. The farmer is the backbone of the country. He lives in village. He is always busy working whole day from morning till evening. In summer he ploughs his fields, in rainy season he sows seeds. In winter he reaps the crops. Then he sells the crops in the market. He grows food-grains, pulses, fruits and vegetable for us. No doubt he is very important member of the society. 

Long Essay on an Indian Farmer

A farmer is an important person in our society. He is the life of the village. We who live in the cities do not know how hard the farmer works in the field.

Early in the morning the farmer the farmer goes to the field with his plough and bullocks. He works very hard with his animals. Sun or rain, winter or summer doesn’t make any difference to his toil.
When the land is ploughed, he sows seeds. He waits for the seedlings to come out and then he waters the field regularly. He also sees that pets do not harm his crop. He uses different pest controls chemicals for his crops. Most of the pesticides are liquid. He sprays them on the field with a spraying machine.  

When the harvest is ready the farmer reaps the fields. He employs men and women for reaping. Many women do this work. They go to the filed in a group and they sing while they reap.
The grain does not reach the market immediately after the harvest. The farmer dries the grain in the sun for few days. It is then separated from the husk and cleaned. Then it sent to the market. In the past farmers did not have many facilities, but today they get help from the Government and from the co-operative societies? Many of those who have large farms use tractors and other advanced fully equipped agricultural machines. 

In the past they used cow dung manure only, but today they use different kinds of fertilisers which help them to grow more food. If a farmer is in need of money, there are banks to help them. In our country the farmer is usually one who hasn’t been to school. He is very often illiterate too, but he is the backbone of our country. We cannot live without him, because he produces food. It is our duty to improve the condition of the Indian farmer.

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