Republic Day Essay (26 January a National Festival), Importance of Republic Day Celebration

26 January Republic Day Essay a National Festival, Importance of Republic Day Celebration

Essay 1

Short Essay Republic Day Speech in English

26th January every year, is the special day when Indian Republic Day is celebrated. On this day in 1950, our constitution was made. It is our National festival. Republic day celebrated in Delhi with untold joy. The celebration is at the India Gate lawns. It has a special significance for Indians and being celebrated in every school and colleges. On this day, The Prime Minister pays homage to 'Amar Jawan Jyoti'. He puts a wreath at the place. The chief guest is the President of India, he unfurls the National Flag. A march pass is done by Indian defense including Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and N.C.C. contingents.

Cultural programme are done by the artists of different states. Tableaux and other programs are shown. Many persons from all over the country takes part in the programme. Then there is a flypast by the Air Force planes in the end. The National festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Essay 2

Republic Day Celebration in School

Essay on Republic Day Celebration in my school, based on the following outline.

  • Time
  • Flag-hoisting ceremony
  • Messages
  • Parade and games
  • Short speech of the principal
  • Conclusion

This year we celebrated the Republic Day on 26 January 2019. On this day every students went to the college in his uniform. The student reached the school at about 7 a.m.

Flag-hoisting ceremony:
First of all we all assembled in the school hall. Then the call bell rang. We were asked to go to the prayer ground for the flag hoisting ceremony. The principal hoisted the the national flag.

After the flag-hoisting ceremony, our vice-principal Sri Hans Raj Singh Verma read the messages of the Director of Education and the Governor (Rajyapal) of the state. In these messages we were asked to work hard for the progress of the country.

Parade and games:
Our physical instructor Sri R.K. Suri asked us to ready for the parade. All the student obeyed his order, then started parade on the ground. Everybody liked the show very much. Then the game started. The students took keen interest in them. All performances were appreciated.

Speech of the principal:
In the end, our principal made a short speech. He told us the importance of the day. He praised us for our discipline. He advised us to work hard for the welfare of the country. He paid tribute to the leaders for their noble work and sacrifice.

Then he announced one day’s holiday. This made us very happy. At about 10 a.m., the function was over, so we returned home joyfully.

Essay Republic Day (450 words)

26 January is a red letter day in the history of India. On this day, India was declared a Sovereign Republic in 1950, and thus the solemn-pledge, which Pt. Nehru and other political leaders had taken on the bank of the Ravi in 1929, was fulfilled. Of course, did not come straight way. The story of our freedom is a result of selfless struggle, numerous sacrifices, untold miseries and humiliations that the brave sons of India had to suffer at the time of foreign rulers.

It is a public holiday all over the country. It is celebrated with zeal, and enthusiasm in every city, town, school and colleges. 

The Republic Day celebration in Jammu & Srinagar are worth seeing. Early in the morning, the Prabhat Pheri is taken out the city as the start of the programme. It is sort of announcement of the rest of the programme.

Then from nine to eleven in the morning, there was a colourful celebration of the day in stadium. Preparation of this day is made in many days in advance. Students from the different schools in the province take part in the colourful pageants and shows in honour of the day. The Governor arrives exactly arrives at nine and takes the salutes, and flag-hoisting ceremony is performed. This over, there is March-past by the Army, Police, N.C.C., college and students, followed by folk dances, songs and colourful pageants. More than half a lac people gather in the stadium to witness the celebration. Entry of the gentry is made by passes and they take their seats specially arranged for them, but rest sits on the stairs of the stadium for which no entry-pass is needed. Then there is an address by the Governor who also distributes the prizes and medals etc., among the winners. In the end of the military band, play the National Anthem.

In addition to this, there is a week-long crowded programme and interesting mushaira, musical concert, plays and folk dances and more, organised by the Directorate of Information and broad casting. There is a hustle and bustle and bustle everywhere. People look excited and cheerful. Matches are played in the Maulana Azad Stadium.

In the evening, there is a wonderful illumination in bazars, streets and Government buildings. The Governor and the Chief Minister broadcast their speech on radio, on the importance of the day, achievements attained and many things still to be achieved.

Celebration of this National Festival is very important to keep up the spirit of patriotism in the people. On this day we must solemnly resolve to work ceaselessly in order to build India of our dream. Unless we do so, the celebration of the day has practically no value.
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