Essay on Youth Unrest 400 Words

Exhaustive Essay on Youth Unrest in India or any part of the world for school kids and students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th or higher class. Here we are going to learn about the modern youth’s problems, dissatisfaction, change in attitude & more.

Essay on Youth Unrest

Modern youth is full of unrest, trouble, fretting, and turmoil. All the educational institutes have become the arenas of fights, demonstrations, and strikes. It is, in reality, the dissatisfaction of the modern youth that forces them to resort to these filthy things.

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The problem is not limited to India only but found all over the world. Youth unrest is a sign of political and social shortcomings.

It is thought that politicians spoil their thinking and the students ignore their studies and create disorder and chaos in society. Modern culture has changed their outlook and they are unfamiliar with the moral and ethical values of society.

Side by side our education also lacks which doesn’t impart spiritual values of life for their proper development. The prevailing system is based on British mythology and it only produces white white-collar jobs.

The modern youth never finds an opportunity to know his ancient cultural heritage and value of life. Consequently, there is a great gulf and wide gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of social life.

Even the new system of education is confused and it leads to the distribution of degrees and diplomas. It does not create avenues for suitable jobs. Political intrusion also creates unrest among the youth. Some political parties use students to achieve their political ends.


Our youth is unripe and unknown to the hard realities of life. They fail to respond to the new demands and needs for social life. Though they are in search of stable and strong ideas, and strong leadership all goes useless.

Under the misguided influence of leadership, our youth wanders like a nomad and swims in the river of violence, rampage, and disturbance.

Our youth is in need of the right leadership which can develop a right and ripe understanding not to let them become un-restful and non-violent.

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