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Descriptive Essay on Nursing Profession in English for kids and students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & higher. This article is a sample essay on nurses, in about 100-500 words. The following outline describes the essay, which includes a quick 10-sentence introduction followed by a descriptive essay.

Essay on Nurse

10 Lines Essay on Nursing Profession

A nurse is a profession that makes a great contribution to the well-being of humanity. She is the backbone of any hospital, without her, no hospital runs properly. Every day, she works more than eight hours, and her duties are extremely challenging.

Her main job is to take care of the patient and assist doctors. Here Few Lines about nurses and their importance.

  1. The nursing profession is the greatest service to mankind. It is a noble profession.
  2. She is very hard working, works day and night.
  3. Her uniform is white, and she wears a cap.
  4. She is very polite and sympathetic towards others.
  5. Her job is to take complete care of patients.
  6. She assists the doctor and follows his instructions carefully.
  7. She is also known as the sister of Mercy.
  8. The nurses are trained professionals who sometimes look after patients in the absence of doctors.
  9. Her nature is kind, and she is always cheerful and smiling.
  10. Hospitals cannot function efficiently without nurses.

Essay on Nurse 110 Words | Essay on Nursing Profession in English

Essay on Nurse in English
Essay on Nurse a Comprehensive Guide

Short Essay on Nurse: Nurse has become a familiar word to almost everyone. We have seen nurses in hospitals and nursing homes. She wears a white uniform that makes her look smart.

She works very hard during the day and night. She visits the patient under her care when she is called. She feels their pulse, takes their temperature, and gives them medicines or injections as per the doctor’s instructions.

She also dresses the wounds of the injured. She is kind and loving, always smiling and cheerful. She speaks politely to the patients. Soft-spoken and kind, she is miles away from anger, worry, or woes.


Essay on Nurse for Class 1-12th | Essay on Nursing


Importance of Essay on Nursing Profession

Essay on Nursing Profession

Nurses play a vital role as trained professionals they are responsible for providing care to patients and families, and they play an important role in promoting health and preventing disease. Nurses have a wide range of responsibilities, and they must be able to juggle many tasks at once.

Based on the following outline, we have discussed the profession of a nurse and its importance.

A)  Dress 

B) Work

C) Usefulness

D) General conditions

E) Condition


A nurse puts on a white dress. Nurses wear a dress, apron, cap, and sometimes a white saree as part of their uniform. She ties a piece of cloth around her head. She wears a white gown. She ties a belt around her waist. Sometimes she puts on white stockings as well.


In the hospital, her main responsibility is to care for a patient. She takes care of a sick person. The nursing job is very tough, & they are busy all day taking care of patients. Sometimes she does not sleep throughout the whole night.

She helps a doctor in many ways. She follows his/her instructions carefully. She assists doctors during surgical operations. Her duties include taking care of the patient, including recording their temperature, medicine, dressing, and other information.

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She gives him medicine at a fixed time. She bandages his/her wounds. She takes a round at night to check the patient’s health. She informs the doctor about the serious condition of the patient.


The nursing profession is very useful. Without her, no doctor can do his work efficiently. In the hospital, she plays a crucial role. A competent nurse is liked by all. She is a sister of mercy. She is a great help to a sick person. Her role is inevitable in a hospital.

General Conditions

Educating the general public on the importance of self-care is one of their responsibilities as trained healthcare professionals. She has to work for others. Her life is very tough. She doesn’t get a decent salary. She looks charming and smart in her dress. She is very kind and sympathetic towards others.


It is the government’s duty to pay her a decent wage. Without her, no hospital can run properly. Every reasonable facility should be given to her. The daily necessities of life should not be a concern for her.

FAQ About Nurses

Why is the nurse so important?

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare industries. They are skilled workers, educators, counselors, and other professionals who help people who are suffering from illnesses, accidents, etc.

Who is a nurse in simple words?

A nurse is a trained healthcare professional who provides expert care to patients who are ill or injured by following nursing standards.

Why do you want to be a nurse?

There is no better profession than nursing if you want to make a real difference to people in vulnerable situations. The nursing profession contributes greatly to society and positively impacts people’s lives.

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