Short Essay on Country Life vs City Life

Essay on Country life vs city life: The following article on country life vs city life essay, the advantage of city life and Village life is going to be fun reading for school students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10th & higher classes. Also, I have highlighted the main points of town life and country life.

Essay on Country Life vs City Life

A man has to lead his life either in a town or in a city but with great differences of amenities and advantages in a country life.

When we are discussing this subject, I am reminded of my Cowper’s hackneyed line:

“God made the country and man made the town” Which means that in the country we are very much surrounded with nature’s handiwork whereas in the town with that of a man. The country life has great many advantages over the town life.

In a country, the life is more congenial, healthful and natural than we are having life a town. We find naturalist in a country i.e. village life.

People produce milk, butter, and vegetables in their fields and farms. One can enjoy them fresh and pure. Here life is calm, composed and more conducive to our perfect development.

The people living in the villages are more sturdy and strong than the town people. ‘There is much less of wear and tear of modern life in villages than in town.

We find much imagination and show in the city than in the village. Here is a village the people are more homely, simple, natural, social and unsophisticated.

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Being rural areas, villages are devoid of medicals, educations, recreational, sports and transportation facilities.

One can hardly find any cinema, theatres, museums, libraries, clubs or art galleries in the villages. In this regard, town life has great advantages over country life.

We have ample scope of almost all facilities such as education, medical, and recreational facilities. Being a centre of trade and industry, one can even get suitable placement to make his living.

In town people are less prejudiced, less narrow-minded and less ignorant of the facts but in town, life is much more expensive, boring and polluted.

This is a great hustle and bustle of life that vitiates the atmosphere.


In reality we have such as combination of both town and city life that can be advantageous to all of us i.e. a house situated in the country but conveniently near a large town is always beneficial to all of us.

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