Essay on Journey by Bus | 400 Words

An English essay on Journey by Bus for school kids and for school students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and class 10. Last year I went to Aligarh from Ghaziabad, on my journey by bus, in about 400 words. I have described it in the following outline.

  • Introduction (Time and Place)
  • The scene at the bus stand
  • The scene inside the bus stand
  • Journey
  • End of the journey

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Essay on Journey by Bus

My Bus Journey Essay: Last year my school was closed on 18th February on account of elections. I decided to go to Ghaziabad from Aligarh by bus.

Essay on Journey by Bus
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Scene at the bus stand

At the bus stand, I found a great rush of people waiting for the bus. I stood in a line. So I could purchase a ticket with great difficulty.

Scene inside the bus

The scene inside the bus inside was very interesting. Most of the passengers were villagers. They were smoking, and I requested one of them not to smoke (See the Side Effects of Smoking). But he did not accede to my request. An old man was sitting in the corner. He had a big bundle of clothes with him. I requested him to keep it down. But he did not care to do it.


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The bus started at 8 a.m., from Aligarh. On the way I saw green fields full of yellow flowers, rivers, canals, and ponds full of water, it looked so natural and beautiful. The air was cool, and the sun was shining brightly. Our bus stopped at Dadri for 10 minutes, some passengers got down. Some new passengers came in.

Then the bus started again, outside the window the natural scenery was everywhere, it was really mesmerizing. After a journey of thirty minutes, we reached Ghaziabad.


I came off the bus. With the help of fellow passengers, I got my luggage down. Then I took the rickshaw to my friend’s house. In this way, I enjoyed my bus journey very much. It was a very comfortable Journey.


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