Essay on Good Manners 10 Lines

Uncover the key to success with Essay on Good Manners for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12th, which will help school students in preparing their assignments. A good manner will reflect an individual personality. We can judge people by their behavior, whether they are polite or aggressive nature.

Good Manners are of the utmost importance for students not only at school but also at home. So we have dedicated the following article to students that tells them the importance of good manners in student life. Also, include quick 10 Lines on Good Manners that assist them in preparing a speech.

Essay on Good Manners

Essay on Good Manners in 10 Lines

The importance of Good manners will be a great help not only for students but for anyone who wants to grow and achieve something big in their life.

  • Getting Along: Good manners help people get connected to each other, making friendly conversations.
  • Earn Respect: Show respect for others, recognizing that everyone should be treated kindly and politely.
  • Making Friends: When you have good manners will make it easier to make friends because people enjoy being around someone who is polite.
  • No Hurt Feelings: Good manners prevent hurting others’ feelings by using polite words and actions.
  • Doing Well in School: In school, good manners can help you do well because teachers appreciate students who are polite and attentive to his or her work.
  • Happy Families: Families with good manners create a conducive home environment where everyone respects each other.
  • Work Success: When you grow up, having good manners can help you do well at work, as employers appreciate employees who are courteous and cooperative.
  • Avoiding Problems: Good manners help avoid problems because they encourage peaceful solutions to disagreements.
  • Feeling Good About Yourself: When you have good manners, you feel good about yourself because you know you’re treating others well.
  • Being a Good Person: Overall, good manners are a big part of being a good person – someone others enjoy being with and can count on.

Essay on the Importance of Good Manners

  • Good manners should be cultivated early in life.
  • One should exhibit good manners in all spheres of life.
  • Children can learn a lot from good schools and a good companion.
  • A man without manners should be considered uncivilized.
  • Good manners constitute polite behavior.
  • One should be tolerant of the opinions of others.
  • Children learn manners from their parents, teachers, and elders.
  • Politeness and courtesy is the key to good manners.
  • One should have respect towards elders, ladies, physically handicapped, and elderly people.
  • A well-mannered and well-behaved person is liked by all.

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Essay on Good Manners in English | Good Manners at School

Good Manners for students will tell why it is so important. A person’s good or bad behavior is differentiated by one’s manners, and how they react to others. If you are good to others then you will receive the same in return.

Importance of Good Manners

Here we talk about the Importance of good manners, Good manners it is the backbone of our society. Man cannot survive in a desolate land. He needs society to live peacefully and comfortably with complete safety from the effects of evil and barbaric people otherwise he would grow up rough and rude like a savage.

Good Manners refer to a person’s polite behavior towards others. They are the base of developing social relations. Parents should cultivate good manners in their children at an early stage. The overall development of a child is possible only if he is groomed in good manners. Well-mannered people are respected everywhere.

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A man without manners remains uncivilized or savage. Good Manners that distinguished man from animals. Good manners and polite behavior enhance the overall personality of an individual.

An uncultured man knows no manners and behaves like a savage whereas a cultured man knows good manners. So as to achieve calm and comfort in our life we should possess good manners that may provide smooth sailing to our social life.

Good manners consist of showing consideration and respect for the feelings of others. These are the precious ornaments of a gentleman who never loses himself in any eventuality. He never says things that are contrary or hurt the feelings of others. He never does such things as not being liked by others.

He always cares for their convenience, comfort, calmness, and happiness rather than for his own. He pays due regard to all and never tries to show disrespect to anyone. Good behavior, politeness, sympathy, kindness, and obeying the laws of society fall under the purview of good manners. These things make us live comfortably in society.

We should follow the principle of “Live and Let Live”. A good-mannered person is well-behaved and tolerant. He never minds small inconveniences or bitterness. He proceeds on the path of courtesies which are a sound investment for all of us. They smoothen our lives and keep the machine of our life going.


Final Thoughts

We should adopt good manners, in order to achieve success and fame in our life. Those who are selfish, rude, rough, and vulgar are all disliked by all. They are looked at with hatred and are condemned by a member of society.

They can hardly win any popularity. Our life is very small and precious. We should use it very properly so as to make it a perfect life. Life, if it does not help others is quite useless. The student should realize the importance of Good manners, mannerism forms an important part of our life.

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