Essay on Exhibition Visit: Why Is So Famous?

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Essay 1

Recent Exhibition in Our city 130 words

Essay on Exhibition of books: A book fair was recently held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It was an exhibition of books. The outer gate was so beautifully decorated that it appeared as a book from a distance. There were many rows of bookstalls. First few stalls contained coursebooks of different universities, then there were four stalls that had books of our ancient culture including Vedas, Upanishad etc. They were treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Next two stalls contained great books of modern great men like Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Rabindranath Tagore Mahatma Gandhi and many more. We had seen the Discovery of India. We also purchased some books and novels. In the end, we went through some handwritten books of Rishis and Munis. Anyway, it was an impressive exhibition.

Essay 2

Essay on Exhibition

Brief essay on ‘An Exhibition’ based on the following outlines.
  1. Introduction (When and with whom I went to see the exhibition)
  2. Description (Circus, Natak etc.)
  3. Purchase
  4. Electric lights
  5. Conclusion

Introduction: Last year on 20th February. I went to see Aligarh Exhibition with my family. My father, mother, sister, brother were with me. We started at Khair at 7 a.m. We reached the exhibition around 8 a.m.

Description: After reaching the exhibition ground, we had seen a large number of people were gathered there. We were very much surprised to see them. There were circus, theatres and picture houses. The whole area was full of noise.

Circus: First of all we went to Kamla circus. We enjoyed it very much. We had seen monkey doing tricks (Kartab), my little sister Punita jumped with joy to see it. Naughty Amit, my brother tried to imitate the action of the Chinese girl beating the joker. There were several good activities over there.

Natak: Then we went to see the Yampuri Natak. My sister, Sunita liked it very much. But my brother did not appreciate it. But he often requested mother to leave the place. After some time we went to good hotel out there for relaxation. Also, we had some refreshments.

Purchases: At about 4 p.m. we went to the main market. We roamed around the market for one and half hour, finally, we had purchased various things. A tri-cycle was purchased for my brother, bought some beauty products for my sister. I purchased a cricket kit. My mother purchased toys and balloons for our relative kids.

Electric Lights: In the evening, we enjoyed the electric light in the main compound. The gates were shining. The whole scene was really attractive. Many people standing near the main gate and the fountain, taking pictures. Everybody enjoy the scene very much.

Conclusion: At about 9 p.m. we returned home by bus. All we enjoyed the trip to the exhibition thoroughly especially my brother and sister enjoyed every moment.

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Essay 3

A Visit to an Exhibition Essay

Exhibitions are the best channels and sign through which we became aware of the progress of a nation. Recently an exhibition was organised at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. It was an Industrial Exhibition, remarkable in its own way. It was organised by the trade fair authority of India to encourage the establishment of cottage industries in the rural areas. All the States, Union territories, and foreign countries participated in the exhibition. They had decorated the pavilions very well. The exhibition attracted a large number of people, mostly belonging to the industrial community. The exhibition lasted for ten days. Buying and selling worth millions of rupees was done.

It was Sunday when I visited this exhibition with my parents. First, there were agricultural exhibits which the farmer had sent. The pavilion was from Haryana industrialist who had exhibited the manufacture of different machines and their uses in the manufacture of different items. The pavilion of Uttar Pradesh was an oval-shaped building. Their exhibits are shown in different sections. In one section, we saw artificial fruits and flowers prepared by a family from Aligarh.

We had seen hand-woven fabrics of beautiful design and patterns. Their delicacy of texture and the fineness of finish astonished us beyond measure. We saw a piece of silk cloth which could beat in shimmer even the finest silk of Japan. The muslin made by local Muslims weaver was so light and fine that it appeared as if it were a relic of ancient Dhacca art. The stalls and pavilions of foreign countries were drawing heavy crowds because they had domestic machines.

In Delhi pavilion, there was a famous ivory work and wax product. The electrical appliances made by different firms were also displayed. We could not visit all the pavilions because they covered large areas and many interesting and attractive items were on the show.  The businessmen and the industrialists were taking a keen interest in the machinery.

In the evening, the whole exhibition looked more beautiful and attractive with multi-coloured lighting. We took tea and snacks as we have tired. Now it was a time to return so we came out to take a bus to our home.

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