Hockey Essay: India’s National Pride

India’s National game “Hockey” We briefly describe it through Hockey Essay for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12th The following Hockey Information will be helpful in preparing the School Project.

We have covered quick information on Hockey match played in our school premises. Highlighted the main points which are required in writing a good essay about Hockey.

Hockey Essay 330 words | My Favourite Game Hockey Essay

Hockey Essay

Essay on Hockey match, you can find a Hockey match in 300 words, which I had seen last year, described on the following outlines.

  1. Parties
  2. The game before the interval
  3. Game after the interval
  4. End of the game.


I had seen an interesting hockey match last year. It was played between Rama club and D.A.V. College on the exhibition ground. Many people gathered to see an exciting match.

All the four sides of the playground were over-crowded. Each team entered the field in its coloured dresses.

The game before the interval

The referee whistle, the match started. It was a dull game in the evening. But after some time it became interesting. Both the teams were equally good.

So nothing could be guessed about the result. The players of the Rama club carried the ball many times to the opposite side. But the team of D.A.V. club was not weak.

Rama club could not break its defence. In this way the match went on, it was full of excitement for the people. Each player was doing his best.

Game after the interval

The players took tea in the interval. Then the team changed the sides. From the very beginning, the team of D.A.V. College took the lead. It was not satisfied with the defence only.

It’s a captain Naresh got the ball, he passed it to his brother Ramesh. He again passed the ball back to the captain. On the account of good passes, they reached the inner circle.

There they faced the strong defence of Rama club. But the speed of the Naresh could not be checked, he hit the ball hard. The goal-keeper could not stop it. So Naresh scored a goal.


Rama club tried hard to score a goal. But they couldn’t get through. The time was over. The spectators greeted the winning side.

There was applause everywhere. Everyone was praising the good passes of Naresh and Ramesh. I enjoyed the match very much. It was really very interesting game.

Hockey Essay in English for Students

Essay on Hockey in English

Essay on Hockey for school students: A hockey match was played between the boys of Kayastha Pathshala of Allahabad and D.A.V. College Kanpur, last Sunday.

My brother was the captain of the Allahabad team. I went along with him and seen the match.

The two teams took the field at 4:30 p.m. All the players of the D.A.V. team looked sturdy and smart. There was confidence in their faces.

The crowd of spectators, mostly boys from local Colleges, greeted them with loud cheers.

The toss was won by the D.V.A. team. They played very well from the beginning. They overpowered the other team and carried the ball to the opposite goal.

“The spectators began to shouting with joy”. Shouts like ‘Bravo, D.A.V.’ “Steady on! Kayastha Pathshala”, were hard all round.

But soon there was a change. The Kayastha Pathshala gathered courage and pressed forward several times. However, they failed to score, because D.A.V. backs and half-backs defended as well.

There was no further scoring during the first half. We waited for better performance in the second half. After a few minutes, the play began for the second half.

The D.A.V. team attacked, but they were soon driven back. They cantered forward of Kayastha Pathshala took the ball and rushed into the D.A.V. As he scored a goal, loud cheers of “hurrah” filled the air.

Many excited boys whistle and jumped for joy in their seats. A few shouted, “Back up, D.A.V”. The D.A.V. team did not lose heart. They now played with much greater concentration.

Soon the D.A.V centre forward took the ball right into the opposite end but he missed. There were hardly ten minutes left, the D.A.V. centre forward hit the ball so hard that none could check it from passing through the goalposts.

But it was not a goal, because he had hit the ball from the outside of the circle. The referee gave the last whistle, and the match ended in a draw.

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