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Essay on Nurse 110 Words

Short Essay on Nurse: Nurse is quite a familiar word, we all have heard of it. We have seen nurses in hospitals and nursing home. She wears a white uniform in which she looks smart. She works very hard during day and nights. She visits the patient under her care as when she is called. She feels their pulses, takes their temperatures, give them medicines or injection as per doctor’s instruction. She also dresses the wounds of the injured. She is kind and loving, always smiling and cheerful. She speaks politely to the patients. She is soft-spoken and sweet to all, miles away from anger, woes and worries of life.

10 Lines on Nurse

The profession of nurse is great service to humanity. She is the backbone of any hospital, without her, no hospital runs properly. Her duty is very tough, she works more than eight hours. Her main job is to take care of patient and assist doctors. Her w I have listed 10 line/sentences about nurses and her importance.

  1. Nursing career is a greatest service to mankind. It is noble profession.
  2. She is very hard working, works day and night.
  3. She wears white uniform and puts on a cap on her head.
  4. She is very polite and sympathetic towards others.
  5. Her job is to take complete care of patients.
  6. She assists the doctor, follow the instructions carefully.
  7. She is also known as the sister of mercy.
  8. They are trained professionals, sometime they look after the patients in the absence of doctors.
  9. She is kind nature, always smiling and cheerful.
  10. No hospitals run efficiently without nurse.

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Importance of Nursing Profession

Here we discussed about the profession of a nurse and the importance of Nursing profession based on the following outline.

a)  Dress   b) Work   c) Usefulness   d) General conditions   e) Condition

Dress: A nurse puts on a white dress. She wears a white sari. She ties a piece a white cloth on her head. She uses a white gown. She ties a belt around her waist. Sometimes she puts on stockings. They are also white.

Work: Her main work is to nurse a patient in the hospital. She takes care of a sick person. Her job is very tough, she is busy whole day taking care of patients. Sometimes she does not sleep throughout the whole night. She helps a doctor in many ways. She works according to his/ her instructions. She helps him at a time of operation. She is taking complete care of patient including note down the temperature, medicine, dressing and more of the patient. She gives him medicine at the fixed time. She bandages his/her wounds. She takes around at night. She informs the doctor about the serious condition of a patient. 

Usefulness: The nurse profession is very useful. Without her, no doctor can do his work efficiently. She plays an important part in the hospital. A good nurse is liked by all. She is a sister of mercy. She is a boon to a sick person. Her role is inevitable in a hospital.

General Conditions: She is educated. She is trained for her work. She has to work for others. Her life is very tough. She doesn’t get a decent pay. She looks charming and smart in her dress. She is very kind and sympathetic towards others.

Conclusion: It is duty of our government to give her a decent pay. Without her, no hospital can run properly. Every reasonable facility should be given to her. She should have no worry for daily necessities of life.

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