School Annual Day Essay for Prize Distribution

School Annual Day Essay Celebration, No occasion is more colourful and gay in school than the Annual prize distribution day.

The function is held towards the end of the Academic session. It is a time of great joy, activities, and rejoicing both for the students and teachers. The function was held this year on 31st January, which happens to be the Basant day.

School Annual Day Essay Celebration Ideas

School Annual Day Essay Celebration Ideas

Great preparations had been made for the function, Rehearsals had taken place and improvement suggested had been effected.

On the day the function was to held, a big canopy was setup in the school compound. The canopy was decorated with balloons, buntings and mottoes, carpets were spread to seat the boys, and for the visitors and the staff chairs and sofa sets were arranged under the Shamiana.

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The function was scheduled to start at 3 P.M., but students began to gather much earlier. Every visitor was keen on occupying the best seat so as to see and hear everything.

By 2:50 P.M., the canopy was fully packed. Besides students, there were many officials, leading citizens of town, headmaster and headmistress of the other local school, and many ladies in the audience.

The prize winners set apart in one of the front rows. Our education minister was the chief guest, who was presided over the function sharp at 3 P.M.

He was received and garlanded at the gate by the principal and the member of the managing body of the school. The school band struck a welcome tune.

No sooner did the education minister enter the pandal, than the all visitor’s and the student stood up as a mark of honour. The president took the chair amidst the loud cheers.

Welcome School Annual Day Speech by Principal

The proceeding began with a prayer of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Then there was a number of songs, recitations, and choruses.

The student of 10th and 11th classes staged two title plays which drew much applause from the audience.

Then the principal read out the annual report with an appeal for building grant to the school. After this he requested the education minister to give away the prizes.

The Vice-principal called out the names of the prize-winners, who went one by one, shook hand with the education minister, received the prizes and went back to their seats.

How proud I felt when I received the 1st merit-prize. When all the prizes had been given away, the education minister gave a short speech in which he congratulated the principal, his staff and the managing body on the great progress the school had made.

He assured the principal that the matter regarding the building-grant would his best attention. He also gave Rs. 50000 to the school as a gift from him.

The principal than thanked the education minister for the honour he had done by gracing the occasion with his worthy presence.

Then the National Anthem played, it was sung by group of girls of the school. The entire audience stood up at attention.

The function came to close at 5 P.M. I came home proud of having won the 1st prize that I had received by the honourable education minister.

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