Sample Letter Writing Format in English for School Children and Graduates

Letter Writing Format in English

Introduction to Letter Writing

[Letter writing format in English] A letter is a written statement of what we want to say to another person who is away. It contains our message for the other person to read.
A letter should be written in an easy and natural way, as though we were talking to the person to whom the letter is addressed. It should also be written in a lean and legible hand.
A letter is, therefore, an important and useful branch of written composition. Every educated person should know how to write a simple, clear, and readable letter. Letter-writing, just like painting, is an art. It is a God given gifts, but can be acquired through regular practice, that does make a man express his thoughts clearly and correctly, if not beautifully. There are certain points which are to be observed and practiced in writing a letter.

There are three different kinds of letters:

  1. Private or Friendly letters written to friends and relatives, acquaintances and strangers
  2. Business letters written to businessman, firms, traders and certain officials like the Health officer, Post-master, Traffic superintendent etc.
  3. Official Letters generally consist of application to officers, and it’s a communications between two officers on official matters.

The Parts of a Letter

👉The Heading

It consist of writer’s address and date of writing. It informs the readers where and when the letter was written. It should be complete and clearly written as it gives the address to which the reply is to be sent.

It should be written at the top left hand corner (some uses top right side) of the first page, the address above and date just below it. Particular attention should be paid to punctuation.
For example:
20-ABC Complex, Laxmi Nagar
New Delhi – 110092


408-A, Pandav Nagar
New Delhi – 110092
December 18, 2018

👉The courteous Greeting and Salutation

The form of greeting will depend upon the relation in which you stand to the person to whom you are writing.

It is place at the left hand of the page, a line or two below the heading. It begins with the capital letters and end with comma. The last word of the salutation also begins with the capital letter. For examples:
Dear Sir, My Dear Mother, Dear Suresh Sharma etc.

👉The Body

This is the main part of the letter, it contains the whole matter. It begins with capital letter on the next lower line to the right of salutation. Care should be taken to see that the language is grammatically correct.

It should be written in simple and short sentences.  It must be clear, precise and brief. It is better to divide it into different paragraphs to marks changes of subject matter.
The subject matter should be properly arranged and legibly written. The manner should be courteous. One should mind one’s punctuation too; incorrect punctuations may alter the meaning of a sentence.
It is always be in good taste to close your letter with some expression of regards and affection; as,
Hoping you are quite well, With best wishes, With best regards, Thanks & Regards, With love, etc.

👉The Subscription or courteous Leave-taking.

A letter must not end abruptly simply with the writer’s name. This would look rude. So certain forms of leave-taking are prescribed. They show respect, affection or whatever the writer desire to express.

For example:
Yours affectionately,
Your sincere friend,
Yours truly,
Yours faithfully, etc.
The subscription, or leave-taking phrase, must be written below the last word of the letter, and to the right side of the page. The first word of subscription must begin with capital letter, and it must end with a comma.
Note. No apostrophe (‘) is to be put at the end of yours.

👉The Signature

The name of the writer. It must come below the subscription.

For example:
Yours sincerely,
Amit Sharma

The signature should be clearly written, so that the reader may know from whom the letter has been received, or to whom to address in reply.

A lady should prefix to the name Smt., Kumari, Miss or Mrs. In brackets. For example:
Yours faithfully,
(Smt.) Sunder Lal Mehta

👉The Address

It is written on the envelop, though in business of official letters it is also written in the letter itself below the heading, to the left of the page. The address should be carefully spaced. The first line, giving the name, and title of addressee, should be well to the left.

To Sum up

  1. In writing a letter, first write your address, and under it the date in the top left hand corner of the first page.
  2. Then write the salutation, lower down at the left side of the page, beginning with capital letter and putting a comma after it.
  3. Next begin your letter on the next lower line, to the right of salutation. It must begin with capital letter.
  4. At the end of the letter write words of leave-taking at the left side of the page, with your signature below it.

Sample Example
215-M, Preet Vihar,
New Delhi – 110092
18th December, 2018.

Dear Sanjay,

You are sweet to think of such a delightful present. It was quite unexpected and all appreciated for that. Thanks not only for giving me something I shall always cherish, but also giving so much thought to choosing it.

Ever yours,
Sameer Kohli

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