Essay on Importance of Sports and Games in School, Importance of Games for Students

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Value of Indoor Games

Games and sports, whether indoor and outdoor, are part and parcel of education. They develop a player or any person physically and normally strong. They shape their personality and character. Even then indoor games like table tennis, chess or carrom, do a lot more than outdoor games. They improve the skills, farsightedness and the thinking power of the player. They also lead to encourage a sense of competitiveness and the emotional integration. They embolden a player to fight well and to possess sportsman spirit. They teach not to be overjoyed in victory nor to feel depressed in defeat but to take it easy. They inculcate in the player respect for decipline and order. So all schools and colleges should encourage them. They should, in fact, form a part of educational curriculum.


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Importance of Sports and Games in School

The goal of education is the creation of sound mind in a sound body. In simple words, it means that only a physically fit body can develop a mind which we think and work properly. All our effort should, therefore, be so directed as to keep the body in good health. And it is possible only if we adopt such measures as can give us perfect health. As such school games and sports are as much a part of education as the imparting of so-called knowledge. It is because of this that in a modern education a great stress is being laid on physical education.

Importance of Sports in School Essay

Games and sports Classification

Games and sports can be classified under two heads one is indoor-games and other is outdoor-games. The indoor-games like table tennis, Ping-Pong, chess etc., Outdoor-games include Football, Hockey, Cricket, Volley-ball, Badminton, etc. Human body is just like a machine. A machine can be kept in proper working order only when it is kept clean and oiled. Exercise serves the same purpose in respect of the body as lubrication does in the case of machine. Sports and games provide a lot of exercise to human body and keep it fit.

Importance of Sports in School

Well organized games and sports make not only our body strong and active, but impart to us practical training in co-operative way of living. Exercise increase the rate of reparation, allow lungs to expand to its fullest extent and exhale impure air which is otherwise stick. It increases the intake of oxygen and quickens the circulation of blood.

Games and sports also help in developing the morale side of a person. The players have to obey certain rules. They have to submit to the ruling of the referee or umpire and have to do as their captain tells them. All these go to teach them discipline. We learn from games and sports valuable lessons of hard work, honesty, courage and team spirit.

Some people feel that the students should restrict their attention and efforts to studies alone, but this is wrong. Games and sports are very essential for students. They are the source of energy and strength which can be utilized for studies. It has been well said ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Students who are regular in playing games will be in regular in studies too. Games will create in him zest and zeal for studies. But we should not play in excess. Too much of everything is bad. A rule one must follow “Work while you work and Play while you play”, should be our motto in our life if we want to make it worth-living.


In short, sports and games have their own place in your school and college education. They teach us presence of mind, fellow feelings and discipline. They make us healthy, strong and cheerful. It is sports that can create a sportsman’s spirit in a person, studies alone can’t help to achieve you goals.
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