Essay on Uses and Abuse of Newspapers

Essay on Newspaper and Its Uses

In a modern life, press and platform exercise the greatest influence on our outlook towards the problem of the day. It is not very often that we hear an important person speaks in News channels and radio, but the newspapers are always handy. No literate person will do without them. Although the radio supplies with the latest news, we still need newspapers, for they provide us detailed news.

A good newspaper is really the record of public voice. Various articles, letters to editors and editorial columns etc. gives expression to the views and comments of the public, their demands and grievances, their criticism and the appreciation of the governmental activities. 

Further, newspapers bind the whole world with ties of sympathy and fellow feeling. They are the means of creating good-will among the nations. If there is war in Bangla Desh, a famine in Mexico or an earthquake in Japan, the whole world is roused to take a sympathetic in the fate of peoples involved. The press all over the world grows active, mobilise the public opinion in favour of the suffering humanity and inspires the people to do their bit for sufferers. 

From the political point of view, the value of the newspaper is immense. It spreads the political ideas among the people and gives them an insight into the political movements and the event in the other parts of the world. In fact, current history can only be studied with the help of newspapers. 

Newspapers form the best means of advertisement. It through newspapers that a person comes to know where a thing is manufactured, get to known about share market around the world, wherefrom a thing can be had cheap, what are the current price of different commodities etc. Newspaper tells us when to sell or buy what we produce or the shares with profit. Weather forecast helps the farmers a lot.  Most of the famous authors whose writings have become classics began their literary career as press representative or editors.

There are matrimonial columns in the newspapers which enable the parties to arrange marriages easily. Obituary columns carry the news of death persons to their kith and kin. Seekers of employment hunt in the Appointments columns.

Newspapers have a heavy responsibility to discharge. They must be impartial and unprejudiced. Now-a-days a newspaper is usually a party organ. What we generally find is that the newspaper of one party considers its paramount duty to run down even the good points of its opponents and in this way, a regular warfare gets started in the press. Such newspapers as advocate this policy do more harm than good.

Some newspapers mislead the public. They spread lies and rumours. To gain their selfish ends, they create misunderstandings, spread wrong and false views, and thus produce alarm and panic. They write against reputed persons with views to obtain money from those who are anxious to save their reputation. Such newspapers give rise and lend help to black-mailing. They should be shunned and the government should proceed against them under press law.
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