Brilliant Essay on My Favourite Teacher 10 Lines

Comprehensive Essay on My favourite Teacher that will not only help in preparing their assignment but also learn something new, this article is dedicated to students of Ukg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9th class.

Short & simple language essay and quick 10 lines on my best teacher. The teacher plays a major role in shaping a student’s career.

At the start of a career, we need good career guidance in order to achieve something in life. If we get the right direction in the initial phase of life then we can achieve more in life.

10 Lines Essay on My favourite Teacher

  • Mr Nand Lal Garg is my favourite teacher.
  • He teaches us so well that Physics does not remain a difficult subject.
  • He is very punctual about his work and duty.
  • He is always ready to extend his help to the needy.
  • He believes in the principle of simple living and high thinking.
  • He treats his students like his own son.
  • Pride has not even touched him, he is cultured and well-behaved. He doesn’t like back-biting.
  • Mr. Garg is strict but not harsh. He is good sportsman too.
  • He has deep sympathy for his student. He knows every student personally.
  • I am lucky to have such a learned and noble teacher.

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Teacher is the best person whom you can trust, who teaches you good things, motivates you at every step, that add value to your education.

I have written short and descriptive essay on teacher for class Ukg and higher class (or the teacher I like best), short paragraph on teachers role, a quick 10 points on my favourite teacher that will help students of Ukg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9th classes to complete their assignment.

Essay on My favourite Teacher

Short Essay on My favourite Teacher (125 words)

The teacher’s day is the most important function of our school. It is held every year on the 5th of September. The teacher’s day was celebrated in our school on September 5 this year also.

All teachers took an active part in the celebration. Preparation for the function was made on a large scale. The function began with “Guru Vandana”. The student of the school controlled the classes.

The honorable chief guest spoke about the importance of the ‘Teachers Day’. Then the principal thanked the teachers for the co-operation and praised the student for the active role for the participating in the function. At 5 p.m. the function came to an end. We returned back home in the evening with a smile on our face.

Essay on My favourite Teacher for Class 3-9 | Essay on my favourite teacher

I still remember the day, when soon after being admitted to a school, I met a short and fair man in my class. They said he was our new class teachers. Mr Mahesh Chandra has been my class teacher since then.

He teaches mathematics. Our school is known for its good teachers, and Mr. Mahesh Chandra, I think, is the best of them. Mr Mahesh Chandra’s strong point is that he always makes his subject interesting.

While the student of other classes complains that Mathematics is very dull subject, we, the student of class X, find it most interesting.

Though Mr Chandra is short, he looks smart. There is a glow in his eyes that makes his personality impressive. His short hair-cut and his white clothes and ever-smiling face reminds us of the days of ‘Gurus’.

He may not be very handsome, yet he is very impressive. There is a magical quality in his voice which expresses his inner goodness.

Outside the classroom, Mr Mahesh Chandra is our friend. In free period, when student sit on the lawn or gossip in some corner, Mr Chandra is always among them. He goes to them and talks to them. He has known the personal life of every student.

Whenever somebody is in difficulty, Mr. Chandra is the first to extend his helping hand. The moment he knows that a particular student is unable to pay his fee because of poor economic condition, he quietly pays for him.

To me, Mr Chandra is the real ‘Guru’. His love for his students, his knowledge of the subject and his helpful attitude, all these make him lovable. He is dear to every student.

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Essay on My favourite Teacher in English 300 WORDS

Short essay about the teacher, in about 200 words, based on the outline start with Introduction, Dress, Qualities, his behaviour, why you like him?


The name of my class teacher is Shri P.L Sharma. He teaches me English. He is an M.A. in English. He is a very knowledge teacher.

Dress He puts on good clothes. In summer he uses casual shirts and pants. In winter, he puts on brown-suits. His shoes are black and well-polished.


He is a man of good qualities. He is always regular and punctual in his work. He never comes late to the school. He never leaves school before time. He is never idle for the single minute. He is a sincere teacher, and works very hard.

His method of teaching is very interesting. He has a sound knowledge of his subject. He teaches his student with love and care. None can remain inattentive in his period.


His behaviour is very polite, never angry on petty matters. He never uses harsh word for anybody. He is a sweet tempered. He doesn’t rebuke students, never beats anybody. He treats his students like his own children. He encourages weak students to work hard. He is always ready to help them.

He has much respect for the principal and the manager. He obeys them willingly. He does everything in the interest of the school. He co-operates with other teachers in raising the result of the institution.


I love and respect for my teachers. I have great regard for him. I considered him to be the best teacher in the school. He is a good sportsman, took part in scouting and debates. Teachers like him are not easily found.

500 Words Essay on My favourite Teacher

Off all my teachers, I have the greatest regard for Sh. Bhuwan Joshi. He is a well-built, smart, and fairly tall personality. He is reputed to be the best Chemistry teacher in the State, though he can teach English and Mathematics as well.

He passed his MSc in Chemistry while in service. He is now the principal of our school, but unlike most other Principals, he believes that it is efficient teaching that exalts a teacher in the eyes of student. He stills devotes a considerable time to teaching.

His students love him for what he does for them. Students ask him questions several times. He seldom rebukes any student.

His behavior towards the teachers who work with him is equally good. He takes keen interest in everybody’s welfare. All teachers respect and honour him for all the qualities of head and heart that he possesses.

He checks the works of teachers regularly or inspects every class once or twice a week without previous notice. Discipline is no problem in the school.

Students do not make a noise or wander about whenever a teacher is absent or late. Mr. Joshi is keen on having school premises kept neat, clean and tidy.

His own life is an example for us. He is a person who believes in doing his duty and inculcates among other sense and love for duty by personal example.

He believes that work has not killed anybody so far; it is the lack of work or shirking work that brings about ruin in body and mind.

His health is excellent and advises us to pay as much attention to our bodies as to our mind. He does not like book-worms and will press everybody to take regular exercise and play games daily.

Our school enjoys great reputation in games and athletics. Last year in the tournament, it won all the trophies excepting that in Volleyball.

Again, he is a good speaker. In meetings and functions, he always ahead in participating in such activity and also encourage students to take initiative.

In every important matter, the joint director of Education, Delhi, seeks his counsel. These are the qualities that make him different from the rest of the teachers.

In short, he is the most popular figure not only in school but also in the education department.

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We have covered all the points related to the Essay on My favourite Teacher for class 1 to 12th, and above which includes qualities of the best teacher. I hope you like it and might be helpful for school students of all classes.

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