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Essay on Good Neighbours 

Every person or country of the world is neighbour of some other person or country. When that is so, we should have neighbourly relations with all. Our attitude to neighbours should be friendly and cordial. We should stand by them through thick and thin. If all the people adopt that attitude, there will be no danger of nuclear war. The Gupta family are our next door neighbours, they are very nice people. Mrs. Gupta treat my mother as her sister. They often help us in trouble so do we. We are almost at their beck and call. Once my grand father was seriously ill, Mr. Gupta took him to hospital and remained with him for a week. We were very much indebted to him. We often sit together and discuss things. What a charm it is! All people, we pray, should live like that.

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Essay on My Neighbourhood 300 words

My neighbour essay in about 300 words, I have described on the basis of the outline includes Introduction, Habits, qualities, defects, and conclusion.

Introduction: Nitin Gupta is my neighbour. He is a teacher (see My Favourite Teacher Essay) in a local school. He lives in front of my house. He came to our mohalla last year.

Habits: He is a man of good habits. He rises early in the morning. He goes for a walk every morning towards the railway station. He never eats anything before going to the temple in the morning. In the evening, he goes to the public library. There he reads newspaper and magazines.

Qualities: He has many good qualities. He is kind and sympathetic by nature. He is always ready to help others. Neither he does not tell a lie nor deceive others. He never makes false promises. He is true to his words, he is a practical man. He obliges others as much as possible. He fears God. He speaks sweetly and softly to others.  He is fond of talking to small children of the mohalla. His behaviour towards others is quite decent. He likes cleanliness very much. His clothes are always neat and well-pressed. He is honest and sincere in his dealings. He is friendly to all others in the our neighbourhood. He is busy in his work from morning till evening.

Bad habits: There are some bad habits as everyone has, sometimes he plays cards with his friends. He likes to see every films at the talkies, spend much on movies. He smokes very much.

Conclusion: In spite of some bad habits, I like Nitin Gupta very much. Everybody in our neighbour has a good opinion about him. Students respect him. His colleagues love him. People think him to be a successful man. In my opinion he is a good neighbour.

Long Essay on My Neighbour

‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ is one of the ten commandments of the holy Bible, and similar injunctions are there in all religious books. I take good care in keeping on good terms with my neighbours. If this principle is adopted by all individuals and all Nations, the world will become paradise.

I happen to live in a very decent part of city. Our next door neighbour is Shri Mohal Lal, a lecturer in a college. He has a pretty large family. He is turning fifty this year. His only interest in life is his work at college. He is of sober appearance, decently dressed, very well behaved and so amiable in nature that every person likes to be on friendly terms with him. His experience in life is a varied one. He has an interesting tales of his life to tell. His son, Rajnish is a college student. He is more interested in social activities than his books. His father, however, does not like his way.

The house on the other side of ours is occupied by the police officer. He holds an important position in our Mohalla. It is because of him that our life and property are safe and secure. When he is off duty, he sometimes come to our house discuss matters in general with my father. He is very efficient in his work. 

The house on the backside belongs to a superintendent in a government office. He is quite efficient in his work. He feels quite happy when he is away from home. His wife is of aggressive temperament. She has sharp tongue and makes a considerable use of it. The poor fellow obey her calmly like a tame animal. He will sometimes sweep the rooms, fill the pitchers with water and even clean the dirty utensils. My heart goes out to the poor person, a hen-picked husband. But who can help a person who lacks mainly spirit? My relations with other neighbour are too very cordial.

These are my immediate neighbours. What I have said about them is what I think of my neighbours. At time I wonder what they think of me.

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