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What makes a good friend essay?

It is very easy to say “Friend” but it is a complexity of things that no one can find a true friend. A real friend is one who always helps us at the time of our need and necessity and guides us to the right path of life. True friend qualities on who is loyal, honourable and faithful. And one who loves regularity, honest, hard work, good habits and sweet nature. The following my best friend essay illustrate the qualities of true friendship.

He pinpoints are faults and weakness well in time. Friendship is a deeper degree of politeness. It is a higher degree of reciprocation in matters deeper than those involved in ordinary social intercourse. It would promote and strengthen the feeling of equality, harmony, and avoidance of such acts on the either side that would make the other feel small and inferior. A Sanskrit verse says, ‘Six fold are the characteristics of the friend, he gives and receives presents, confides and is entrusted with secrets, entertain and is entertained at feast.’

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The following essay, in about 200 words, on my best friend for class 10, the friend I like most, whom I can share everything. Based on the outline – His name and how he became my friend? His manners and character, how he attends to his studies, his behaviour and the reason for liking him.

My Best Friend Essay for Class 10 Student

His name & how he became my friend: Amit Sharma, he is my best friend, and I can share everything to him. He studied with me in class 10th. He became my friend last year. I gave him my exercise book to complete his pending task. So he became my friend.

His Manners and Character: His manners are fine, he is a good boy. His clothes are always neat and tidy. His hair was always in order, he parted his hair beautifully. They are well brushed. His shoes are well polished. His manners of talking are quite decent. He does not waste his time in unnecessary talks. His character is good. He is always regular in his work, he is never late. He does not speak ill of others.

How he attends to his studies etc.: He listens to his teachers attentively. In class-room, he is never careless. His homework is systematic and complete. His behaviour in the class is very decent; he never makes a noise in the class. He does not quarrel with other boys in the absence of the teachers. He talks gently with others, he is sweet to everyone. He is never abusive and harsh towards his class-fellows. In interval, he does not run here and there. He is very helping nature, always support his juniors.

His behaviour: He is gentle towards his brothers and sisters. He is obedient to his teachers. He is respectful towards his parents and elders. He is kind and sympathetic towards his friends. He is never harsh towards anybody.

Reason for my liking him: I am proud of my friend, I like him very much on the account of his good nature. Everybody praises him for honesty, sincerity, regularity and noble character. Really he is an ideal boy of our school. The principal and the teachers have a good opinion about him.

20 Lines on My Best Friend

True Friendship is a gift for all of us. One must have good friend, whom you can rely on, in your good or bad times. Friendship is the most sacred and trustworthy relationship in this selfish world. As we well aware about the popular proverb “A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed” True friends are very rare, if you have one, you are a lucky one. Good Friend are required in every phase of life, they make your life fun-filled, true friends are treasure of our life. In schools, teachers give assignment to student on different topics. Here we describe important 20 lines on my best friend that will help kids, school student of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to prepare his/her assignments.

  1. Amit Sharma is my best friend, since childhood. I have full faith on him.
  2. We study in the same class, he is also my neighbour.
  3. He is punctual, well-discipline & well-behaved.
  4. His clothes are always neat and tidy.
  5. He is well dressed, his shoes are well polished.
  6. He is quite decent in his talking.
  7. He never wastes his time on unnecessary things, serious about his study.
  8. Doesn’t speak ill of others.
  9. Very kind and helpful nature always support his juniors.
  10. He is always complete homework/assignment on time, regular in class.
  11. We love to spend quality time with each other.
  12. He is never abusive and harsh towards other.
  13. He/ She is attentive to the class lectures
  14. He has a great respect for his teachers.
  15. He is gentle or kind towards his younger and elder ones
  16. He is respectful towards his parents and elder ones; He is kind to his brother and sisters.
  17. He is well-behaved in class room, even in the absence of teachers.
  18. We share our tiffin’s in recess time.
  19. We have various common interests like travelling, spend some time on internet, both love to      play cricket etc.
  20.  He is honest, sincere and punctual, these are the qualities I like him most.

My best friend Essay in English 400 words

Essay on my best friend: True friends are very rare. In this selfish world to have a genuine friend on whom you rely in your thick and thin is a great boon. Friends you can have in as large a number as you like, but most of them desert you, when you fall upon evil days and need them. They are false friends or fair-weather friends. Prosperity brings them, and adversity makes them leave. At the time of trial, they are found wanting.

I am fortunate in having Sanjeev as my friend. He is just sixteen. He lives next door to me. Unlike me he comes from rich and noble family. His father is a well-known doctor. His mother is an educated, a very kind natured and noble lady. She is an embodiment of piety and humility; she is very sweet-tongued.

Sanjeev is tall for his age. He has a strong and wiry body. He has a dark complexion and big dark eyes which impart him a rare and charm. He wears a simple dress and looks very smart. We study in the same class, our tastes are alike. Both of us are interested in studies. He, of course, excels me. Both of us play hockey. He is the secretary and I am the captain of the team. He is a good swimmer.

He has all the virtues that a Young-man should possess, Vices he has none. He is very diligent and intelligent. He always goes to school well-prepared. He is always punctual. He never misses to do his home-task. He writes fairly well & a good hand writing. His notebooks are well written and neat. He does everything well. He is always prepared to help those who seek his help. He is in good books of all his teachers. The headmaster has a very high opinion of him. It is expected that he will top the list of successful candidate in the matriculation examination in the District, if not in the province. And I will not be found trailing far behind. 

One thing makes his character is humility. He helps the weak boys in their studies. He is always helpful and smiling nature. He is very dutiful. Whatever task is assigned to him, he does it with grace and to the best of his ability. He is good speaker, all love him for his charming qualities.

10 qualities of a Good Friend

Following are the list of characteristics of good friend that one should possess. Summarize the important qualities you look for in a friend.
  1. A real friend is one who is stood by his friend in the hour of need.
  2. A friend is a part and a parcel of one’s life.
  3. A true friend can be called as one’s second self.
  4. The true friendship between lord Krishna and Sudama, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is known to all.
  5. One should always be able to distinguish between good and bad friends.
  6. Friendship grows on mutual trust and help.
  7. We cannot enjoy true friendship bond if one does not value it.
  8. A true friend inspires the others to improve himself.
  9. One can reform a friend and group of friends who have fallen into bad company.
  10. The steady affection of a friend is a great support in one’s life
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