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A quick guide to Essay on An Accident for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11th & 12th. I have describe short essay on an accident i saw, you too can write your experience about road accident you have encountered.

Essay on an Accident

Essay 1

Essay on an Accident 280 words

The marriage of my friend, Rahul Gupta, came off last month. The marriage party left for Ludhiana in the morning.

The journey was very pleasant. We sang and made merry. But we had hardly covered about fifty kilometers, when the sky was covered with dark clouds.

It grew pitch dark, and the rain started pouring in torrents. One could not see clearly beyond a small distance, unfortunately the bullock-cart was coming toward us, visibility being very poor, and our driver could not spy it from afar.

The bus was going at full speed. When the driver caught the sight of the cart, it was too late to avoid a clash. He applied brakes, but before they operate, it dashed right into the cart.

The cart-man badly hurt and lay senseless; one of the bullocks was killed, while the other escaped unhurt. Our driver was seriously wounded and lay in the pool of blood.

It was lucky that the bus did not turn turtle. Some of the person from marriage party got seriously injured. One broke an arm and other badly hurt in his head.

A few were bruised all over. The engine of the bus burst and the front part was smashed.   Some passers-by saw the accident occur and ran out to help.

The injured required medical aid urgently. The carried them to the hospital nearby, where they were admitted and given the first aid by the doctor on the duty.

The Bride-groom had a narrow escape. I also escaped by the Almighty God. We thanked God that none of us had been fatally wounded.

A calamity had undertaken us, but passed off lightly. Another bus was hired and the journey continued.

Essay 2

Essay on an Accident 325 words

Accidents do not always happen because of your mistake. Very often they are caused by someone else mistake.

I was walking along the streets of Subhash market with my brother, it was past six and the street was very crowded.

We were going to see a film and it was getting late for the tickets. The film was to start at 6:15 p.m. We began to walk faster.

All of sudden there was a loud noise and in a second I saw my brother rolling on the road.  The scooter rider was driving at a normal speed.

But all of a sudden his clutch wire broke and scooter was out of his control. It knocked down my brother. Luckily, scooter wasn’t very fast, otherwise some more people would have been hurt.

A crowd gathered around my brother before he could stand up.  I went into the crowd and relieved to see that he wasn’t very badly injured.

He had a few bruises on his left hand. His elbow was bleeding. I took out my handkerchief and tied it around his injury.

His had become pale and he looked nervous. Somebody offered him a glass of water.

The most unfortunate part of it was that people started abusing and hitting the scooter rider.

In vain did he try to convince them that it wasn’t his fault, it was just an accident.

After I had given first aid to my brother, I approached the crow and requested them not to be rude to the scooter rider.

I hired a rickshaw and took my brother to hospital. He had got some bruises.

Luckily the bruises weren’t deep, after dressing his injury the doctor advised him to go home and take rest. That would help him to get over the shock.


It was a very bad day indeed. We forgot the tickets and forgot the film, but I was thankful to God because it could have been worse.

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